Tattoo Inspired Moto Gear

From sprockets to skulls to filigree etched on jacket sleeves, it’s clear tattooed culture has finally inked is relevance in permanent fashion on this year’s moto gear.

You can find hints of the inked lifestyle just about everywhere now, but it can no longer be denied that tattooed culture has influenced the folks in those big marketing offices to the point where their ideas have been stenciled into the manufacturing presses and distributed like wild fire to the moto population. Take a look to see how tattoos and gear have finally made each other’s acquaintance while protecting the real tattoos underneath.

Speed and Strength
With their Wicked Garden and Moto Mercenary lines, SS Gear has figured out that just because some riders have tattoos, it doesn’t mean they have to risk their skin to show off ink.


Bell Artist Series Helmets

These three-quarter helmets boast pin striping and graphic art designs based on original old school concepts. These designs were inspired by the industry’s best custom painters and artists, including Roland Sands Design.


Ride Rich Clothing

You’ll love the shirts, sweaters, hoodies and bandanas from Ride Rich. Their swag encourages individualism just like tattoos encourage expression. Ride Rich clothing inspires people to ride for the love of it. It’s about riding apart from the crowd, being independent and displaying a passion for what you do no matter what the haters say. Ride because you love it. Be inked because you crave it. Be rich with what you have. Ride Rich.

Shoei Helmets

Check out the new Brigand TC-5 from Shoei. Just like the Phantasm design from the previous year, this design boasts a pirate skull with the detail and shading worthy of a tattoo artist’s applause. With this helmet, there’s a little Captain Jack in all of us.


Icon Airmada

Probably the most iconic of tattoo-inspired helmets, Icon is still the most creative when it comes to one-off helmet graphics. If you’re looking for a helmet that people will want to stare at, the Airmada has you covered, literally!


5th Gear Sprockets

Just like you can walk into a tattoo shop and request a specific tattoo design, so can you submit your design to 5th Gear and they will create a rear sprocket design that only you will have! Just ask Tony Carbajal!

Scorpion USA

Perhaps one of my favorite designs is the one used on the all new EXO410 Departed full-face street helmet. Complete with filigree and a full-size, intricately drawn monster girl, this is the epitome of tattoo inspired helmet art work.


Factory Effex Graphics

Who says your bike can’t be inked too? Factory Effex makes a full graphics kit from scratch resistant Ultracurve vinyl that features skulls with glowing eyes. There’s even ink bleeding back to the swingarm for a complete, finished look.


Biker’s Choice

Even the folks at the distributors know if you want people to order parts from you, you gotta have a killer ad campaign that is hard to look away from. So they enlisted alt models like Alloy Ash and others to put tattoos and pretty faces on the cover of every catalog nationwide.


Facebook photo reel

So there are a lot of photos of moto-inspired tattoo pictures I post to our Facebook page and not here. The main reason for that being it seems social media does more to drive a following these days than an individual website. If you look at the number of views to this page, I could be mistaken. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a compulsive Google searcher with a taste for the savory sight of fresh ink on riders or models for that matter. Draw from that what you will. If you like the pics you see, I upload more daily to our Facebook page and they can also be seen on instagram @motoinked. So like us with the button to your right ===> if you’d be so kind. Thank you.

2014 MotoInked PinUp Calendar Preview

To all the MotoInked Fans –

We’ve got a new project in the works. We’re putting together a calendar to be published in print later this year featuring tattooed female motorcycle riders, their bikes and all around pinup fun! We’re trying different settings, different hair and make-up and of course different pinup style outfits! All photos will feature bikes, or bike parts or good all-around garage fun.

We’ve got two more photo shoots planned for August and September with an anticipated publish date of December 2013. Here are preview shots of the lovely ladies. Enjoy!

Photos are mostly by Bill Bevard of Two Wheeled Photography and hair and make-up is by Breona Mandel. There are many more photos and info to come, so keep checking back for updates!


Two Wheeled Photography, Atomic Boutique

Arizona Bike Week Instagram Diary

I worked at West World in Scottsdale, AZ, for Kawasaki doing demo rides during Arizona bike week. While I was there, I took some photos of the motorbiking mayhem. I certainly saw some interesting things as hordes of bikes took over the streets from Glendale clear over to Scottsdale (about a 30-mile radius). Check out the photos here or on our Instagram @motoinked. ===>>>

Motorcycle Brand Tattoos

So if you could have any motorcycle brand tattooed on your body, which would you get permanently etched into your skin? Don’t get me wrong, I love motorcycles, but tattooing a brand on your  body is a huge commitment. Let’s just hope that every motorcycle you buy from that manufacturer doesn’t give you any headaches. Although, we all remember the bike that left a soft spot in our hearts. If I had to choose mine, it’d be the 04 Suzuki GSX-R600 I had. So yes, I might get a gixxer-themed tattoo someday. Might…

Here are some moto brand tattoos I found online if you’re looking for ideas for that next freakin’ awesome moto-themed tattoo. Which one is your favorite?

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad tattoo

BMW Motorrad tattoo

Harley Davidson






Moto Guzzi



Victory tattoo


Yamaha R1 tattoo

Yamaha Rossi