F*** off paint job worth seeing!

Ok, so she's playing hard to get. But look at those tattoos!

Ok, so she’s playing hard to get. But look at those tattoos!

I know the title is a little confusing, but when I saw this paint job, I was both impressed and offended at the same time. And come on, that’s too hard to ignore! I’m not sure who the painter is, but look at the details in the air brushing, from the wisps of color on down to the placement of the tattoos on her arm. This is one bike that is worth a second glance, even it is giving you the finger.



2014 MotoInked PinUp Calendar Preview

To all the MotoInked Fans –

We’ve got a new project in the works. We’re putting together a calendar to be published in print later this year featuring tattooed female motorcycle riders, their bikes and all around pinup fun! We’re trying different settings, different hair and make-up and of course different pinup style outfits! All photos will feature bikes, or bike parts or good all-around garage fun.

We’ve got two more photo shoots planned for August and September with an anticipated publish date of December 2013. Here are preview shots of the lovely ladies. Enjoy!

Photos are mostly by Bill Bevard of Two Wheeled Photography and hair and make-up is by Breona Mandel. There are many more photos and info to come, so keep checking back for updates!


Two Wheeled Photography, Atomic Boutique

Second Ladies Can Wrench Seminar scheduled for February 2, 2013.


The second Ladies Can Wrench seminar will take place from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on February 2nd, 2013 at M1 Sportriders, a sportbike oriented service, parts and accessories shop owned by Jenn and Pete Jaynes, in La Habra, CA. The address is 345 West Whittier Blvd., La Habra, CA, 90631.

This seminar will be more hands on than the last one. We will be doing oil changes, as well as cleaning, adjusting and lubing the chain. We will be able to work on three bikes at a time, so be prepared to get your hands dirty. We will get to as many bikes as we can within the three hour time frame, but EVERYONE will get a chance to turn a wrench.

Oil, oil filters, chain lube and chain cleaner will all be available for purchase at M1 the day of the seminar. Details of pricing are TBD. For this seminar, bring your bike, work gloves, and wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. See you there!

Again, this seminar is meant for women who have never worked on bikes before and the pace will be slowed down so everyone can get something out of the workshop. Please forward this invite to anyone you think might be interested.

Click here to view the Facebook invite.

Tattoos in memory of TT Racer, Joey Dunlop

Joey Dunlop is a legendary road racer who joins ranks with other legends such as Barry Sheene, Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agostini and Valentino Rossi as one of the fastest riders that have ever lived. Unfortunately he passed away in an accident during a 125cc road race, but his legend carries on, especially through the Isle of Man TT circuit where his descendants still race to this day. Here are a few tattoos of Joey I found that almost made me change my mind about getting a racer tattooed on my body.




Inked rider Marika Krejci

Marika rides a Honda CBR600RR, is in great shape and has a couple of pretty cool tattoos. Check them out!

Marika's floral side tattoo.

Marika’s floral side tattoo.


marika back tattoo

Marika’s upper back tattoo. Nothing like an angel spreading it’s wings across muscles. This chick doesn’t need a guardian angel.


Marika riding her Honda at a track day.

Marika riding her Honda at a track day.


Marika goofing around on the bike. Play on the movie Titanic maybe? I'm flying Jack!

Marika goofing around on the bike. Play on the movie Titanic maybe? I’m flying Jack!



Jerre Hui’s Photon Honda Streetfighter

Jerre Hui's Photon Honda

Jerre Hui’s Photon Honda

The “Photon Honda,” streetfighter built by Jerre Hui started it’s life as a CBR1000RR, but a stock sportbike simply wouldn’t do for Jerre and his sci-fi imagination. He based the look of the bike on the animated film “Astro Boy” and he drew inspiration for the paint scheme after seeing a race replica of the Maserati MC12.

Jerre built the bike on his own, doing all the mechanical and electrical work himself. The project took him just over a year and he completed the bike despite having two surgeries on his elbow and shoulder. He was also out of work for a time during the process, which put a pinch on him financially, but he stayed positive and continued to work on the bike regardless.

Jerre is thinking his next project will be to transform an every day cruiser into a radical drag style-bike that will be “super low with a fat tire.” He also wants to install a V-twin engine into the chassis from the either a V Rod or Road Star Warrior. He says, “Anything I can modify and take to the next level – whether it be on two wheels or four – will have an aggressive look. As long as I have the budget, I’ll do it.”

One of Jerre’s favorite quotes is “When you imagine it, you can achieve it! When you dream it, you can become it.” “Nothing is impossible,” he says. “As long as I have the ambition, then someday, I will reach that level.”

Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

International Motorcycle Show 2012 poster

International Motorcycle Show 2012 poster


This weekend we visited the IMS show at Long Beach. The weather was perfect and we had a great time checking out the stunt show and the bikes. Is there anyone else that has attended or is planning to attend? What did you think?