Speedway Girls! Shake, Shake Ya Rump!

Speedway sidecar racing is quite a bit more popular in Australia than it is here. But one thing the Aussie’s don’t have are some seriously crazy, fast ladies. Here in the USA, these girls are taking the Speedway circuit by storm. Team Syck Bubblegum racing has competed in more than 80 heats, taking 6th in points last year. This year, they’re getting faster and last weekend in Perris, competed in the main event. And it’s not just them. Ashley Gibbons is now riding with Jeff Rowe on Team Superbeast and Michelle Ducky Sanches is competing with TRod aboard a Harley-powered sidecar. Want to find out more about this year’s schedule? Wanna see some grit-your-teeth, edge-of-your seat sidecar action? Keep up with race news here.


Sidecar Racing Needs Your Help!



“HEY RACE FANS!!! On 9-28-2013 our sidecar nationals take place at Costa Mesa speedway!!! We NEED your HELP!!! Heat race sponsors are needed!! To sponsor a race is 100.00, for that, you get to go onto the track after your heat has been raced and get your picture takin with the sidecar team that wins your heat!! Also, your name (or company) will be printed in the program as such sponsor!! It’s a great way to show your support and we would really appreciate your help!! C’mon peeps- lets fill the seats as we know we can!! Main events can also be sponsored for 150.00-200.00!! Love yas!!! Fire-up!!!” – Robert Dent


Syck Bubblegum Back in Action!

After a brief hiatus, Heather Rowe is bringing Syck Bubblegum back to the track with her new team mate,  Michelle Ducky Hovanec. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, Shawnay Aguilera was unable to compete with Heather this racing season. Now, Heather will be returning to the track with her new team mate, Michelle. “We will make our first race on July 26th at Pirate Speedway in San Bernardino,” Heather says, optimistic. “Please mark your calendars, come on out and have some fun with us!”

Heather with her new team mate Michelle. Watch out for them at Pirate Speedway!

Heather with her new team mate Michelle. Watch out for them at Pirate Speedway!