How do you put a motorcycle in an elevator?

By wheelie-ing it inside. Because, you know, if the bar is on the top floor, you have to get up there somehow.


Special Ink: Stacey “Get Gone” Hicks

I’m a huge fan of Stacey’s. Any woman who can make a decent living wrenching AND own her own shop is an awesome rarity that makes the world of motorcycling a very interesting place.

I had a chance to get to know Stacey a little bit through this interview I did for IMS. I admit, I was completely enamored by her, her life, her mechanical know how and her shop. She owns RFL Customz, a motorcycle shop specializing in sport bike customization. But not only is she a confident black woman who can wrench like a pro, but she also works alongside her daughters and together, they can do pretty much anything when it comes to transforming a sportbike into a one-of-a-kind show piece. Stacey’s shop is currently being filmed for the Cafe Racer TV show, so we will probably be seeing more of Stacey, her shop and her family on TV soon.

There is nothing this woman can’t do. I would love to see one of her customs in person.

Luckily, Stacey took some time out between builds and filming to tell me a little about two of her tattoos, which have special meaning to her.

Stacey’s words:

“Get Gone” Motorcycles. I’m adding a custom bike by Stacey to my bucket list.

“These are two of my most important tats. The one on the elbow is a symbol of a bike build I did where I converted a sport bike into a Harley Davidson-style bike to match the customer’s Harley truck. At the time, he did not want a Harley, but bought one later anyway!

A piece of living history on Stacey’s body.

The tattoo of the “35” is to memorialize my late Dad, Roger Brown, who was the first Indiana Pacer signed in 1969.”

MI Bike of the Week: GizmotoHPM 2007 Suzuki GSXR-600 stunt custom

MI Model and Rider, Bunnie, aboard the 2007 Suzuki GSXR-600 Gizmoto Custom

Owned by Jod Dominguez, this bike is a conversation piece. With a paint job resembling a B-2 Spirit Bomber, it’s stealth look only adds to its bad ass persona. This stunt ready machine is equipped with all the necessary mods to rip up the stunt lot while still being a street legal ride.

Gizmo working on another custom, no doubt a pre-cursor to the B-2 look-a-like.

Built by Gizmo Sanchez of GizmotoHPM, a shop based in San Bernardino, this bike had me at ‘hello.’ This isn’t Gizmo’s first work of art. He’s been in business for four and a half years and has quite a few custom builds under his belt.

Who says motorcycles arn’t for kids? Who knows? Maybe this baby is the next Aaron Colton?

Take a look at this list of accoutrements to compile your grocery list of must-have mods for a stunt bum’s dream machine. Enjoy.

Photo by Maggie Maltbie.

Photo by Maggie Maltbie.

Impact Tech Crash Cage

Stunt Stay

Sub Cage

Round Bar

Brembo brakes

Front hand brake

Brembo dual reservoir

FI Clip Ons

Steel Braided Lines (front and rear)

Photo by Tavares Ashanti

I3 Dual Caliper Set Up

Grip Ace Hand Grips

Custom Cut Zero Gravity Windscreen

GPR Damper

CRG 2-Inch Mirror

HT Moto Stunt seats

Custom Dented Tank with Tank Grip

Jardine Slip On

Stunt driven sprocket kit (54R with a 520 chain)

RSC Easy Pull

Dual HID lights

MI Tattoo of the Week: Moto Girl Pin Up from Blue Monkey Tattoo

Elissa with her 2003 Suzuki GSXR-600

Elissa is no stranger to tattoos. She has quite a few, including an amazing ‘Rosie the Riveter’ rendition of a female marine mechanic which Elissa herself used to be.

Elissa’s rib tattoo, which is a representation of herself in the US Marine Corps.

She also has a hummingbird on her shoulder that represents her Dad and flowers on her back that represent her immediate family.

John Soto from Blue Monkey Tattoo works on Elissa Everett’s Moto Girl Pin Up, meticulously filling in the shading and paying attention to every detail.

So when I mentioned we were having a tattoo party at Blue Monkey Tattoo in Rialto, CA, she was down for some ink time. John Soto was the tattoo artist who sketched her pin up and positioned the pin up kneeling over a helmet, which is actually based on the Bell Star helmet.

A close-up of the finished Moto Girl Pin Up tattoo.

Elissa has been riding for a couple of years now and has a 2003 Suzuki GSXR600 with a clean, all white paint job. She occasionally rides in the canyons and does track days. Formerly a marine, Elissa is using her GI Bill to become a nurse.

To see more of Elissa’s tattoo, check out this YouTube video.