About Us


What is MotoInked.com About?

It is difficult for people on the outside to understand why we choose to ride motorcycles when it is obviously dangerous. On the same note, those who don’t have ink don’t understand how we can endure the pain of a needle grazing across our skin for the sake permanently embroidering our bodies with artistic impressions.

These days, tattoos have become more accepted thanks to the recent growth in popularity of tattoo inspired reality TV shows. It’s no surprise that the breath-taking works of art, along with the alluring personalities of the tattoo artists who create them on  living canvasses have captured the attention of a broader, world-wide audience.

We’re approaching ink from the eyes and voice of the motorcycle rider. Are you curious about the lifestyle? Want to know why we choose to live in a world ruled by roaring engines, fast speeds, daring stunts or open roads? Perhaps our tattoos will better translate our stories. Curious? Take a look at MotoInked.com.



10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Great job with the website guys. Many don’t understand about the bikes or the ink. I do. Good luck to you both, Mad Love!

  2. Sounds good! In 2-3 weeks I’ll have a full custom build done that I have been working on from bone stock to a full blown custom bagger. I’ll show it to you guys and we’ll sit Down and chat!


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