No Stunts, No Guns, No Glory

12074835_702524810785_1146938723333636868_nI’ve been learning a ton about people on Instagram. I search daily for new pictures of tattooed people and their bikes. Early on, I came across a stunt rider named Dane Britt whose rambunctious Mohawk, ambitious stunts and multiple tattoos matched up with MotoInked’s IG perfectly. But what stood out about Dane was his guns, and I don’t mean the muscle kind.

As owner of K&D Guns & Ammo, he’s the first stunt rider I’ve come across who’s also a gun enthusiast. In mean ways, people who love guns and stunts are a lot alike; they’re both misunderstood and legislation is not kind to either of them. So how are you supposed to find happiness in a country where both of your major hobbies are frowned upon? Well, if you’re Dane, you have an indelible optimism that can’t be crushed by haters.

281244_10150244604956029_5590221_nHere’s what he has to say about why he loves guns, bikes and tattoos.

MI: Tell me about K&D. Where does your passion for bad ass weaponry come from?

DB: K&D Guns and Ammo is my gun store. I have one partner, Keith, and we just opened the doors in August of 2015. I come from a family of hunters and gun enthusiasts and just like to shoot. For years, my dad has been asking me, “What is your goal with all of this networking you do? You can do motorcycle stunts and sing to people for a little longer, but your body won’t last forever.” So for the past five years or so, I have been narrowing down what I wanted to do outside of entertainment. Guns are the other thing that I really enjoy, so it just fell into place. I always try to make things I enjoy into my job. Keeps life wayyyy more fun! 😀

MI: You’ve got a lot going on, on your YouTube channel, i.e. singing, dancing, stunting and guns. What do you like doing most? 

DB: HAHA! This is tough. People ask me this a lot. I think I enjoy drifting motorcycles the most. It is the best rush for sure, and it’s very rewarding when I put my drift videos on YouTube and kids all over the world can find it and learn from it.

MI: How long have you been riding?

DB: My dad started my brother and I riding when we were two years old. My grandfather started a motorcycle business in 1976, and my dad took it over in 1995, so myself and my brother both grew up in the motorcycle shop.

So much energy, so little time!

So much energy, so little time!

MI: What bikes do you own?

DB: I currently own a 2007 Harley Sportster, 2004 Yamaha FZ1, 2009 Suzuki DRZ 400SM, and a 2005 Kawasaki KLX 110.

MI: What is your favorite thing to do or place to go on a motorcycle?

My favorite thing to do would be drifting the Harley on a clear, flat, smooth, open parking lot somewhere.

MI: How many hours do you have into your tattoos? 

DB: Ummmm, ummmmm…..That’s spread out over a lot of years, but I would guess maybe 60-80 hours.

MI: Who were the artists who did the work?

DB: There have been several over the years. Jesse Collins has done some. Right now, I always use Jimmy Sparks at Rockstar Tattoo. He has a great shop, and a good attitude.

MI: What is your favorite tattoo?

DB: Favorite tattoo is probably the “Custom Made” tattoo on my chest. I take a lot of pride in being “different,” or “Custom,” and tend to stray away from things that would make me boring or unoriginal; if that makes sense.

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  1. What Dane doesn’t tell you is how his Anti-bullying campaign at local schools makes him the “best friend” of kids all over Wilmington! I had heard good things about Dane Britt wayyyy before I ever met him in person at K & D Guns. His mohawk, tattoos, motorcycle stunts, musical ability, and people skills make him an original for sure! He has a lot of fans and friends from all over.

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