Icon Team Merc Jacket: So good, it makes you wanna pet it.


The Icon Team Merc jacket is so kick ass, I feel like I could sucker punch Rousey and live to tell someone about it.

The Icon Team Merc jacket is so kick ass, I feel like I could sucker punch Rousey and live to tell someone about it.

Hi guys,

This is Rachael––the not-very-famous mind behind MotoInked.com––here.

Granted, I’ve been kind of inactive lately; but today, the stars aligned so that I had a day off and optimally prime (like that?) weather that left no excuse for dusting off my FZ-07. Being that it has been a little cold these past few months, I’ve parked my bike for lack of having the proper gear, and, for lack of well, motivation.

The Nylon feels like a wet suit, only I don't surf. Sharks can have the water. I'll stick to the streets where it's safe.

The Nylon feels like a wet suit, only I don’t surf. Sharks can have the water. I’ll stick to the streets where it’s safe.

Let’s be straight.

I’m a sloth, but I’m still a rider. I’m older, but I still crave two wheels like Donald Trump craves air time. You can’t shut up a purring cross-plane kitten for too long because she stares you down like the cage-converted, traitorous homebody that you are. But parking a bike is like leaving a worn out concubine in the closet. May not use her anymore, but you still have to feed her, get my meaning?

Right now, I’m so completely stoked about the new Icon Team Merc Jacket I got from Chaparral Motorsports. Note: My parents purchased my first helmet––a retro-hail to the 80’s-Bieffe––from Chaparral when I was just an accident-prone eight years old. So yeah, visiting Chaparral is like visiting home. And bonus! This totally rad chick rider saw me browsing and I found out she rides a Suzuki GSX-R600 (hey, I used to have one of those!).

I told her what I was looking for and she deftly led me over to the Icon Team Merc jacket. She was on it. If sales were the Olympics, I’d given her a gold medal.

I needed a jacket that was warm, and waterproof, yet light and curvy-girl friendly. Everybody knows if you’re fluffy and you ride, the battle to find gear is like trying to stuff Caitlyn Jenner back in a man suit – grunts, moans and sucker punches included. Assist at your own risk. God bless the sales girl for letting me rolley-polley in and out of a few jackets before saying something.

So when I tried on the Icon Merc jacket, the softshell chassis with Nylon Reinforcement Panels really impressed me. It was so soft, I wanted to be left alone so I could rub my face on it. But I digress.

I couldn’t believe how well it fit and how light it is! Holy crap! Finally, I found a jacket that was made for riding, not just standing in front of the mirror and taking selfies. Though I’m not knocking you for flaunting it if you have it. Get it girl!

The Team Merc jacket gives me some wiggle room while providing that comfy-cozy feeling that makes me actually want to leave the house and ride all day. And I love that the jacket is waterproof! If I got caught in a downpour (that’s California for a few drops of rain), I won’t get damp. Wearing this jacket makes me amazed at how far motorcycle gear has come in the 15+ years I’ve been riding and it makes me happy that I finally got off my butt and on my bike.

Icon has always been one of my favorite brands and they’ve never let me down when it comes to fit, comfort and function. Hats off to you folks! Keep that awesome swag coming!

Now if we could only get past the pink-thing, we’d be set.