Creepy or Not?: The Skin Book

Some might argue this is a downright creepy. A book of synthetic flesh for fledgling tattoo artists to practice on? Who even thought of this idea? And is it even really a new concept?

Still, I would much rather have a tattoo artist take a piece off Buffalo Bill’s scrap pile than ink their damage on someone’s skin forever. Davinci didn’t paint his first pieces of art work on the Sistine Chapel walls. He had some practice along the way. I wouldn’t knock tattoo artists for trying out the controversial Skin Book. Still, they may not even get the chance.

The Skin Book, created by Tattoo Art magazine, hasn’t yet become available to the mass market. And there’s still the question of where all this artificial skin is coming from? Regardless, the proverbial semi-living sketch pad could mean the difference between a career in a tattoo shop and a box of abandoned tattoo machines in the trash. I’d say keep your mind open to anterior means of betterment and save yourself the humiliation of losing all your friends due to shabby ink work.