Why You Hatin’ On Iggy?

I'm stoked I found this inked picture of Iggy on a motorcycle! Rad!

I’m stoked I found this inked picture of Iggy on a motorcycle! Rad!

She’s the newest thing to hit the rap scene. A white girl with a practiced rap style. Or so they say. Does she write her own lyrics? Did you she go too far with the ‘Pussy’ video? Or has she broken through boundaries by proving that rap is an art that can be driven by talent regardless of gender and race.

Now matter what you think of Iggy or how she got to where she is, you have to go back to her roots to truly appreciate what she’s done in the music business. I myself am no artist, but I do love music – and I mean ALL music – and though Iggy may have crossed some lines that I myself never would, I still appreciate her success and her music for what it is. We all have our skeletons, our short cuts, our little black deeds that we’ve done to get ahead, so you can’t possibly judge or hate on Iggy for her past because you’d just be spitting on the mirror.

10974329_796437500445877_232701760332754553_oMy point being, if you’re a sixteen-year-old female that has traveled to a completely foreign country thousands of miles and more than a dozen flight hours away from home, and then less than a decade later, you’re a millionaire with boundless success whose music can be heard almost everywhere, I think that’s something to be admired and respected. Yes, I’m a fan. I’m a fan of any woman who immigrates to this country on her own and creates a world of success for herself. Take my friend Issey (no play on Iggy I swear) for example who came here from Thailand not even knowing our language, to a place where she had no family, and while in this country, she began road racing and is now representing Ducati in her home country of Thailand. Or take any of the women who came here with nothing to their name or no family nearby to support them and yet they open their own restaurants, salons or become successful music artists. These women take a leap, alone, and make it despite all odds, proving all wrong and beating Murphy’s Law to a pulp until they can’t remember when a bad day was even an excuse.

I applaud Iggy for her success and I love her music. I never get sick of songs like ‘Fancy,’ ‘Beg for it’ or ‘Murda Business’ (which I’m peeved I can’t get on iTunes by the way). Although I’ve reached near-annoyance with ‘Black Widow,’ I’m still not sick of Iggy and I don’t think I ever will be.

I’m pretty impressed with Iggy Azalea and what’s she accomplished, mostly because of what she stands for. If you have a dream and you have the drive, there’s a no reason why you can’t be successful, no matter the obstacle, no matter the distance you have to travel to get there. And in a world where persecution, judgment and negativity run rampant, I’d say Iggy is a positive breath of fresh air.