Zack Haley: Love at First Poke

10690189_1537671176516813_8354426432068164831_nYou might have seen this fully tattooed wheelie fiend on Instagram or Facebook. He’s got more than 550 hours invested in his tattoos and he’s a year deep into the stunt life. Meet Zack Haley. He’s a 29-year-old tattoo artist from Burleson Texas and he’s been tattooing professionally for two years. You can find him in person at Knuckle Up Tattoo in Forth Worth, TX. And here’s the kicker. His wrap sheet got him into tattooing. “I got in some trouble around 21 and did six years in prison,” he says, “I was young and dumb, but I drew all day, everyday, in there.” It wasn’t long before Zack’s talent was noticed and soon, people were becoming interested in his art. By the time he did his first tattoo, “it was love at first poke,” he says.

If you ever get the chance to see Zack in person, it will be obvious that he’s inked to his very core. His entire back, ribs, chest and left arm are completely tattooed, with more than 550 hours invested in all his ink. 20150221_190446Just his back piece alone put Zack on the table for more than 350 hours of “pain and torture.” Luke “Gage” Guyton from Waco, Texas, did most of Zack’s body art. “He’s awesome,” Zack says. “He can do literally anything.”

When it comes to riding, Zack is just as extreme in his passion for two wheels as he is for ink. He’s been riding motorcycles for three years and he’s been stunt riding since January 2014, but he makes wheelies look so easy, you’d think he’s been in the saddle for much longer. And get this, his biggest struggle is not developing the skill to maneuver the motorcycle like an extra limb, but rather it’s the mechanical aspect of it. “I didn’t have a father figure growing up and mom wasn’t out there in heels turning wrenches, so I never learned that in life.” Luckily Zack has good friends, namely Michael Crane of MC Customs, whom Zack says is “a genius with 636’s.” But it isn’t just the hours spent at the stunt lot that has Zack craving more two-wheeled seat time every hour of every day.

“What I like most about riding is the family stunters have,” he says. “They put me in their houses and feed me when I’m in town. They’re always there to give a hand.” He’s specifically grateful to the SupSluts Wheelies family in Houston, TX, who always offer shirts and help when needed. “They’re the best with hospitality and they have a huge ride every year that’s a blasty blast!”



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  1. Thanks for the writeup, I appreciate the love, for anyone wanting tattoos check me out on fb at zack haley, I’m actually at elite tattoo gallery now in ft worth texas.

  2. Great article ☆☆☆
    Zack is Amazing! He did some work on both my husband and I, and we love them! Lots of compliments on his sharp lines and shading. This guy is a true talent!

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