MotoInked’s 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300R Streetfighter Build

Say goodbye to this stock body because it's about to mutate into a bad ass fighter!

Say goodbye to this stock body because it’s about to mutate into a bad ass fighter!

Ever since the Ninja Turtles hit TV in the late 80’s, I was a kid infatuated with green things that were fun, bad ass and entertaining. Hence my affinity for Ninjas, big and small. You say Kawasaki, I say “Kawabunga!”

Michael Angelo was always my favorite turtle and it’s because of him I’ve never forgotten to appreciate the little things, no matter how underestimated they are. I say “underestimated” for a reason. You can never presume to be born with bad ass-ness, it has to be earned…or built.

This is why Michael Angelo is a muse for transforming my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 into a Kawabunga streetfighter. Just like radioactive waste turned a slow, harmless turtle into a lightning quick ninja warrior, I’m going to turn my slow Ninja 300 into the envy of his bigger brothers.

I’ve scoured forums for other owners who have made the leap from clothed to naked with their 300’s but the most I’ve found that even resembled a transformation was a 250 that was smacked in the face with a 636 front end. I was disappointed to see an almost unanimous opinion across the inter webs that stripping and revamping a new 300 made about as much sense as giving a teenager a face lift. Why waste your time chopping up a new bike when you can do the same to an older, salvaged one?

You know what my answer to that one is? Because it’s already been done before! What’s the point in having a motorcycle, new or old, if you can’t make it your own, if you can’t transform it into the machine you’ve wanted since you were a kid? Why do I have to stick to the conventional, cookie-cutter showroom floor lawnmower-sounding half pint with the pretty green dress on? Why can’t I use my superpowers to turn my little ninja into the Michael Angelo I always envied as a kid? Why can’t I make my tortoise slap that silly hare on the ass? We live in America because this is the land where the naysayers can kiss my lilly white waste gate. This is the place where the haters can shout at their computer screens while I plaster my Kawa-bunga 300 turned bad ass street fighter photos all over their precious forums as shamelessly as a garage rapper peddling demos in a Wal Mart. This is my chance to turn a short woman complex into an excuse to go bigger and better than ever before.

Welcome to my adventure, ladies and gentlemen. We’re about to embark on a journey where David sends Goliath crying home to his mama. As you see it now, my little Ninja Turtle is still pretty much bone stock. He’s a ready volunteer on the surgery table and he’s ready to become a nun chuck wielding road warrior.

If you want the bully to run, you can’t stare him down from the bottom up. You have to tighten that ass and add some much needed oomph to that growl. Our first step will be to get the turtle out the gate with the pop of a new exhaust and whip that tail into shape with a Competition Werkes USA stainless steel GP slip-on exhaust and fender eliminator kit. Want to know how you turn an elephant man in a Beckham? Then get your ass back here to learn a thing or two about the installs. Stay tuned.