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Was that a biker in a corset?

The more flamboyant, the better. That was the rule at the Inland Empire Corset Run.

The more flamboyant, the better. That was the rule at the Inland Empire Corset Run.

Have you ever seen both men and women bikers riding down the road wearing vintage corsets, crazy wigs and other garments most sane individuals wouldn’t dare be caught wearing in public? During the Inland Empire Corset Run, bikers do just that and for a good cause too.

The Inland Empire Corset Run is an annual motorcycle event that started in 2010 when Jackson Dodd of Skip Fordyce Harley Davidson in Riverside, CA, asked Terri King to create a way to bring female riders together in honor of Women Riders Month, a time of year Harley Davidson has dedicated to women who ride motorcycles. Terri, who has worked in the motorcycle industry for as long as she can remember and is a motorcyclist herself, is an Ovarian cancer survivor and she says the event has come a long way since 2010. “I only had three weeks to plan it when it started,” Terri says, who began planning the Corset Run while

Even the water bottles wore corsets.

Even the water bottles wore corsets.

still helping to organize the West Coast Thunder event. Despite the time crunch, the first Corset Run was a hit….literally. “We caused a couple of accidents with people doing double takes and I thought ‘oh no, this is not a good way to start!”

The motorcycle ride begins at Skip Fordyce and ends at Big League Dreams in Perris, CA. While on the ride, the bikers stop at beauty salons, boutiques and accessory stores to celebrate womanhood while sporting their burlesque corsets. At each stop, every rider has the option to roll the dice at Yahtzee for a chance to win a $150 gift certificate good toward Harley Davidson parts and accessories.

After the ride, 1,000+ riders converge on the vendor area where there’s a huge BBQ, an all female rock band playing songs specifically written for the event, a dunk tank, a corset contest and a dedication ceremony for the survivors in attendance. “The set up is different than most other charity events,” says Candace, a representative from the Thirty-One Gifts vendor booth. “It really intrigued me a lot.”

The guys can't miss out on the fun, can they?

The guys can’t miss out on the fun, can they?

But during the past three years, Terri has worked out the kinks. Attendance has quadrupled since 2010 and with 50+ vendors on site, Terri has created a board to help her organize everything. “It’s such a wonderful event that has so many people interested,” she says. “What better way to celebrate women and independence than to donate money to a good cause like breast cancer.”

With that revelation, Terri and the board joined ranks with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to use the corset run as a means to raise breast cancer awareness. All proceeds earned during the event are donated to the foundation. The response has been so amazing, Terri and the board are in the process of creating their own foundation just for the Corset Run.

Anyone who attends this event is bound to see or experience something they won’t forget and if you’re into busty garments, the wind in your hair and donating money to a worthy cause, you can find out more about the Corset Run at

You’d be right to visit Lefty’s Tattoo

IMG_1462Tattoo Shop: Lefty’s Tattoo

Owned by: Jason Martin

Address: 467 N. Tustin St., Orange, CA 92867

Phone: 714/997-4882

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Artists on staff: Jason Martin, Myke Rivera, JayDawg, Josh, Jeremy, Ryan, Nhan and Chris

Shop hourly rate: $150 per hour

All artwork on the walls has been done by artists who work at Lefty's Tattoo

All artwork on the walls has been done by artists who work at Lefty’s Tattoo

Since I had heard about Lefty’s from so many different friends in Orange County, I just had to check it out. Lefty’s Tattoo is a small, modest tattoo shop located close to the beach on the south end of Orange County. Owned by tattoo artist Jason Martin, the shop opened in 1998 at a location just across from where they are now, but with heavy overhead threatening to take Jason out of the game, he moved the shop to the 467 Tustin St. address.

Lefty’s tattoo got it’s name literally from Jason’s and Myke’s left hands, as most of their clients would say, “Oh look at that, you’re both leftys.” Although left handed tattoo artists are far and few between, Jason insists being left handed has had no affect on his learning curve and his work proves this fact.

Josh busy on a leg piece.

Josh busy on a leg piece.

All the artists who work at Lefty’s are not necessarily left handed, but they have pretty much started their careers there and even Lefty’s most fledging artist is a four-year tattooing veteran. Jason isn’t the type to be showy and unlike others who’d turn themselves into a brand to get as big as possible, he just wants the shop to remain small so he can spend time with his family and so his clients can continue to enjoy a cozy, familiar environment.

A plethora of books show the amount of work each artist has done during their tenure with Lefty's

A plethora of books show the amount of work each artist has done during their tenure with Lefty’s

Not too many celebrities frequent Lefty’s tattoo, but make no mistake, the people who return are more than willing to spend the dimes it takes to get quality work done by all artists in the shop. The artists at Lefty’s all are capable of doing different types of tattoos, but Jason specializes in realistic artwork such as portraits of people and animals. Although Jason has been determined to remain as humble as possible, his work and artist JayDawg’s work have been featured in magazines such as Tattoo and Skin Art.

Jason and his artists are currently booked solid for pretty much the rest of the year, but they do hold promotions in the mean time and you never know, there could be a cancelation. Don’t be afraid to stop by and check out this amazingly clean and inviting shop. Based on what I saw and Lefty’s five-star Yelp rating, I’d say the work is well worth the wait.

Visit Lefty’s Facebook page to see examples of their work.


Jason Martin, owner of Lefty's Tattoo

Jason Martin, owner of Lefty’s Tattoo

About Jason:

Jason’s body is roughly 75 percent covered in tattoos and he gleaned his first tattoo at the tender yet unlimited age of 13 years old. An army brat living in Germany, Jason would hike up his T-shirt sleeves so everyone could see the tattoo of the Iron Cross, which is still visible on his arm. Jason says at least ten friends and artists have touched needles to his skin since then, making him pretty much a living, walking collage of history. His favorite tattoo is one of his pit bull on his neck and his second favorite is that of a 1941 Ford classic car on his inner, right arm, that he got when he was 20. “It was my dream car,” he laughs. “I ended up getting it, and then I had to build it because I had the tattoo.”

Both Jason and JayDawg are motorcycle lovers, with Jason owning a Harley Deluxe and JayDawg being a fan of street bikes. Since Jason’s hit-and-run accident last year though, his family is pressing him to sell the bike and he might have to acquiesce for the sake of his obligations to the shop. Still, he happily regales his trips to Laughlin as if it were yesterday and I’m not quite sure the two wheeling gene will completely dissipate from his system any time soon.

Text and Photos by Rachael Maltbie

An artist both on and off the bike

261631_576974112334414_1965718827_nA Short Interview with Robert Ramos a.k.a. Rocky “Tattoosbyroc”

Rocky, featured on the back page of Inked Magazine, representing Freegun underwear.

Rocky, featured on the back page of Inked Magazine, representing Freegun underwear.

Originally from New York, Rocky is a stunt rider and a tattoo artist. Rocky does his work at All Aces Tattoo and Piercing in Orange Park, Florida. Most known for his stunt riding, you’d never guess there was an artist underneath the helmet visor. I had the chance to pin Rocky down for a second and find out more about him and his stunt riding.

MI: How long have you been riding motorcycles?
Rocky: I don’t remember not riding. My brother Groovy put me on my first dirt bike when I was just 12 years old.

MI: How long have you been stunt riding?
Rocky: The very first time I wheelied on a bike was about five years ago. I was riding a Suzuki RM-80 and I power shifted into second gear. The bike jumped up into a quick wheelie. It was the scariest thing in the world, but after that, I tried every chance I had to do wheelies on everything I touched.  

Rocky doing his work when he's not riding.

Rocky doing his work when he’s not riding.

MI: What kind of bike are you riding now?
Rocky: I have a 2008 Kawasaki ZX-6R. It’s not the best bike to ride, but it works for me. I say ride what you got.

MI: What modifications does your ZX-6R have?
Rocky: It has tons of cool stuff such as a 60-tooth sprocket in the rear, Sick Innovations crash cage, Sick Innovations sub-cage, Sick Innovations fully adjustable clip-ons, NDC handbrake bracket with dual Yamaha R6 front brake calipers, 19×20 Brembo master cylinder for the hand brake, a Yamaha R6 Brembo front master cylinder, steel braided brake lines all around, a dented tank with an HT Moto grip and a hole in the rear seat. 

MI: Do you compete in stunt riding?
Rocky: Competing is my favorite thing to do. I try and make it to Stunt Wars and XDL competitions. Its great to see styles and wild riding from all over the United States.

Rocky doing what he does best. Wheelies!!

Rocky doing what he does best. Wheelies!!

MI: How many hours a day do you practice?

Rocky: I try to practice at least three times a week for three hours or more at a time. Basically, whatever the bike can handle.

MI: What are your favorite bike events?
Rocky: I like the International Motorcycle Show in Jacob Javits, located in the heart of New York City. I went every year as a kid. I also always go to Stunt Wars in Orlando, FL as well.

MI: Who are your sponsors?
Rocky: 904 Performance in Jacksonville, FL helps me a lot. But for the readers and anyone watching, I’m definitely open to sponsorship!

Tattoos by Roc

Rocky in Action on his ZX-6R

Check out Rocky, his riding and his tattoo work on his Instagram


1999 Suzuki Marauder $1000 firm

We have a 1999 Suzuki Marauder for sale. It’s a California model with current registration and clean title in hand. Never down. New chain and brake fluid and the carburetors were recently cleaned. This bike does need a top end rebuild, however, due to owner over filling the oil. Needs a new set of piston rings, but we do have new spark plugs. It needs to have new piston rings to be in good running condition, but the rest of the bike is pristine.

Email if interested.

Sidecar Racing Needs Your Help!



“HEY RACE FANS!!! On 9-28-2013 our sidecar nationals take place at Costa Mesa speedway!!! We NEED your HELP!!! Heat race sponsors are needed!! To sponsor a race is 100.00, for that, you get to go onto the track after your heat has been raced and get your picture takin with the sidecar team that wins your heat!! Also, your name (or company) will be printed in the program as such sponsor!! It’s a great way to show your support and we would really appreciate your help!! C’mon peeps- lets fill the seats as we know we can!! Main events can also be sponsored for 150.00-200.00!! Love yas!!! Fire-up!!!” – Robert Dent