Fast Diva: CJ’s Custom Busa

Garwood takes it up a notch to turn a bike with one fast attitude into a ride fit for a feminine rider.


photo 2You can’t go to Busa Fest on a bone stock Suzuki Hayabusa, especially if you’re the founder of the event. A strong African American female entrepreneur CJ a.k.a. “Da Busa Girl” showing up on an un-modified Busa is like Madonna showing up to her own concert and performing in a kitchen frock. Just like Madonna needs a wardrobe to compliment her die hard burlesque image, CJ needed a ride that reflected the bad ass she is, while staying true to femininity.

Initially, CJ took her bike to a painter who didn’t quite capture the vision she was going for. After her bike sat idle for months with no results, CJ decided to take matters into her own hands. “I wanted a unique custom look to capture my personality,” said CJ. While perusing the display booths at IMS (International Motorcycle Show), CJ met Steve from Garwood Custom Cycles and he was more than willing to make sure her Busa would be transformed into the bike of her dreams. “I was amazed at their work,” CJ said. “I told them the story of my bike not being completed and they stepped in right away and offered to help.” With a little interview, Garwood got to know CJ and created a design for her that would turn her Busa into her ideal custom, which they later revealed to her at Busa Fest 2012 in North Carolina.

photo 1Garwood began CJ’s project Busa with the paint work, laying out a series of simple yet elegant fades of black into pink that blend into each other with stars and diamonds air brushed in as accents. With any custom Busa, you can’t call it quits with only a pretty paint job. You need the finishing touches. “She wanted a bike that would reflect her personality – feminine but with an edge,” said Steve. So they installed a 240 wide tire kit to make CJ’s Busa “cool but functional” with a ten-inch stretch. It was something to stop an admirer in their tracks without going “over the top.”

They also painted the frame and powder coated the foot pegs to blend with the bike and enhance the styling. To complete the montage, Garwood added some flashy, classy wheels and bright pink brake rotors to add sparkle to the custom wheels.

Basically, this glamorous road-bound rocket will have you saying “Damn!” when CJ rides by.


CJ is a North Carolina native with a passion for motorcycles. Her father taught her how to ride dirt bikes by the tender age of 10 and she also learned the basics of safety. She rode her first street bike when she was 15. These days, CJ is a full-time corporate office employee, a writer, a plus size model and event promoter. She is planning to release a line of custom motorcycle riding jackets and motorcycle accessories, so keep an eye on CJ, as this line of gear will launch soon.

As the founder of Busa Fest, CJ has created an event that celebrates the Hayabusa motorcycle but welcomes all brands of motorcycles. Busa Fest is a huge gathering of bikes that includes competitive bike shows for all brands of motorcycles, including the Title Belt class for the “Best in Show Hayabusa” and the honor of being named the “King (or Queen) of Busa Fest.” The event also features drag racing and enables world-class custom motorcycle builders to showcase their work. During Busa Fest, attendees can win awesome giveaways and enjoy outdoor concerts. Busa Fest is going to be held at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, NC this year on Sept 20-22, so make sure to check it out!

Fast Diva’s Specs:

Make/model: 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa

Bike name: Celebrity Glam

Owner: Cj (BusaGirl)

Paint & Body by: Garwood Custom Cycles

Chassis & Swingarm: 240 swingarm by C&S Customs

Wheels & Tires: Custom rims by FTD Customs, tires by Shinko

Exhaust: Dual Alien Head slip-on exhaust mufflers by Brock’s Performance

Parts & Accessories: Black scale-cut, billet parts by PPM Customs, black, glossy fairing grilles by 2 Wheel Grilles, pink LED light kit by Tricked Out Custom Cycles, custom pink turn signals and integrated smoke tail light by Garwood Custom Cycles, custom pink LED seats

photo 1

1017497_439559762818931_29557859_nby Rachael Maltbie

Rachael has been riding motorcycles for 13 years. She is a former road racer, MSF Instructor and Kawasaki Technical Services Coordinator. She is also a graduate of MMI and a certified motorcycle technician. She has been writing for motorcycle publications since 2003 and is an avid lover of two wheels. Check out more articles by Rachael on


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