Professional Alt Models Who Ride

Which came first? The rider or the model? One can only guess.

These ladies are tattooed models who can actually ride a bike! They’re not your typical bike and babe foreground decorations. Drape this chick over a bike and she might take off with it. They’re real women who ride on the daily. They don’t just make love to the bike in photos. They do it with their hands on the throttle! Check them out!

Amber Grace: Featured in Super Streetbike Magazine


Here she is on her bike of choice.

Here she is on her bike of choice.


Tiff Rides: She a girl rider straight out of So Cal.


And this Randie Raige, two-up stuntress from Team RB Freestyle who has performed all over the world, including Dubai. Here are a couple of her pics from CyclePath Magazine.



This is Monica Lee Paige, married to professional stunt rider, Darius Khashabi. She started out in the stunt scene down under (Australia) but she’s tearin’ up the track on a race bike.



Two-up freestyle stunt rider Destiny Dixon, married to professional stunt rider Bill Dixon. She rides, she wheelies, she poses with a vengeance. She’s got more skill on a bike than most men wish they had. And she looks good doing it too.



And I can’t forget the gorgeous Jessica Maine, professional female stunt rider who set the precedent for all the hopeful female riders and models after her. She set the bar high.