You never know what you might find on the Internet.



So I did a search for Daytona Bike Week tattoos and came up with this little gem from Now God bless a corrupt sense of humor but I was unsure even to post this on our Facebook page. Being that it’s a corny cell phone photo, does it really warrant more attention than it’s worth? This is the question I asked myself, meanwhile thinking, ‘This is what motoinked is about. Blending tattoos with all things moto, including our sometimes blunt and indiscreet sense of humor. Still, you have to admire the pungent point it presents that owning a Triumph warrants a tattoo on the ass, though I doubt I’d trust a tattoo artist in full gear. Would this girl have to be drunk to agree to such an act? We’re not sure. But it makes me laugh to think how this idea came to fruition. Just like a bad car accident, we can’t stop staring. And we’re sure you can’t either.