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Photos from Heather and Shawnay’s second practice session

Heather and Shawnay took to the track for the second time at Pirate Speedway in San Bernardino, CA for another practice session. Heather is getting the hang of feeling the Kawasaki KZ1000 powered sidehack drift sideways while Shawnay is quickly growing accustomed to hanging on. Check these girls out at their first race at Pirate Speedway on April 19th.

Video Footage from Sal’s Arc Angel


Sal wanted to get this tattoo as a reminder of his Dad who passed away when he was eight years old, to let him know that his Dad is always watching over him. He liked the look of the main character in the Assassin’s Creed video game, and he combined it with how he thought a bad ass arc angel should look. He’s hoping to add some background later, along with demons underneath to make it a complete chest piece. For now, the arc angel looks pretty awesome on it’s own. Tattoo by John Soto of Fontana Tattoo in Fontana, CA.


Syck Bubblegum: Speedway’s first all female sidehack racing team

Shawnay and Heather wait for their turn to get some track time.

Shawnay and Heather wait for their turn to get some track time.

550291_163954343753687_230211534_nThe first all girl Speedway sidehack team known as Syck Bubblegum Racing (named after the Rob Zombie song) is about to wreak havoc on the Southern California speedway arena. Heather Rowe and Shawnay Aguilera will be making their debut this 2013 racing season on a classic New Zealand born sidehack with a 1980’s Kawasaki Police KZ1000 engine roaring beneath them. For Heather, formerly the “monkey” of team Superbeast Rowe, this will be her first season as the rider and for Shawnay, this will be her first season as the “monkey” or person who hangs off the back while Heather drifts the sidehack sideways through a corner.

Their KZ1000 sidehack, formerly known as the “beast” was used as a loaner bike for newbies looking to get a taste of sidehack madness through the years. But now in the hands of the girls, it has been completely rebuilt from the frame up by guess what, mostly WOMEN!!

Heather is so dedicated to speedway racing, she had Corey Miller tattoo a replica of a race photo taken of her and her husband during last year's season on her stomach.

Heather is so dedicated to speedway racing, she had Corey Miller tattoo a replica of a race photo taken of her and her husband during last year’s season on her stomach.

Syck Bubblegum Racing Info:

Riders: Heather Rowe (operator), Shawnay Aguilera (monkey)

Mechanics: Joe Jones, Rachael Maltbie

Gas tank and body painted by: Suzanna at J&S Customs

Powder coating by: B&B in Riverside, CA

Diamond plating cut and fitted by: Heather Rowe

Sponsors:, Six Feet Under

Tracks Syck Bubblegum will be racing at: Pirate Speedway, Costa Mesa Fairgrounds, Victorville Fairgrounds, Industry Hills Grand Arena

Heather is excited for the upcoming season. She says, “I wanted to have this all girl team to set an example for all the little girls and women in the audience to let them know they can do anything they want! Racing has nothing to do with testosterone! I think woman are better listeners and more graceful in their movements on the track because after all, you want to be smooth!!”

And when it comes to having a new monkey, Heather is confident. “Shawnay and I felt in sync out there. She’s very smooth in her weight distribution and the bike responded well to her. We still have a lot to learn and we will be learning every time we get out there. The only thing that is important to us is that everyone has fun and walks away safe from every race!”

Race Schedule, rider profiles and points standings can be found here.

Stay tuned to to see upcoming race photos, interviews and videos from Syck Bubblegum Racing.

Here’s a look at how the “beast” transformed to “Syck Bubblegum.”

Here are some photos from Heather and Shawnay’s initial practice runs. First race is April 13th at Victorville Raceway.

Video from Heather and Shawnay’s first practice

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You never know what you might find on the Internet.



So I did a search for Daytona Bike Week tattoos and came up with this little gem from Now God bless a corrupt sense of humor but I was unsure even to post this on our Facebook page. Being that it’s a corny cell phone photo, does it really warrant more attention than it’s worth? This is the question I asked myself, meanwhile thinking, ‘This is what motoinked is about. Blending tattoos with all things moto, including our sometimes blunt and indiscreet sense of humor. Still, you have to admire the pungent point it presents that owning a Triumph warrants a tattoo on the ass, though I doubt I’d trust a tattoo artist in full gear. Would this girl have to be drunk to agree to such an act? We’re not sure. But it makes me laugh to think how this idea came to fruition. Just like a bad car accident, we can’t stop staring. And we’re sure you can’t either.