A Couple’s dance with freestyle flavor. A Must Watch.

I remember being in Sonoma for an AMA race weekend back in 2008 and watching the stunt show at lunch time. There was a couple doing two-up stunts and ever since I saw them together, I was fascinated by freestyle. I hadn’t been so entranced by something like this since I used to watch couple’s figure skating when I was a kid.

After watching these two young adults with tattoos and cool clothes, dancing with a motorcycle in a mid-day sun like the bike were an extension of themselves, I felt inspired to start writing my book, Rite of Passage, in 2009 where I used a lot of what I’d seen at bike nights, rides and events to create the plot and scenes of my story.

I just remember being so blown away by the amount of trust between the riders, as well the freedom and liveliness they exuded while they did stunt after stunt in front of an absorbed crowd. This video is a culmination of all that work which generally goes unappreciated and unnoticed during stunt shows. Hours upon hours of practice went into creating something as amazing as this, a true example of how far trust, perseverance and hard work can get you.