Jerre Hui’s Photon Honda Streetfighter

Jerre Hui's Photon Honda

Jerre Hui’s Photon Honda

The “Photon Honda,” streetfighter built by Jerre Hui started it’s life as a CBR1000RR, but a stock sportbike simply wouldn’t do for Jerre and his sci-fi imagination. He based the look of the bike on the animated film “Astro Boy” and he drew inspiration for the paint scheme after seeing a race replica of the Maserati MC12.

Jerre built the bike on his own, doing all the mechanical and electrical work himself. The project took him just over a year and he completed the bike despite having two surgeries on his elbow and shoulder. He was also out of work for a time during the process, which put a pinch on him financially, but he stayed positive and continued to work on the bike regardless.

Jerre is thinking his next project will be to transform an every day cruiser into a radical drag style-bike that will be “super low with a fat tire.” He also wants to install a V-twin engine into the chassis from the either a V Rod or Road Star Warrior. He says, “Anything I can modify and take to the next level – whether it be on two wheels or four – will have an aggressive look. As long as I have the budget, I’ll do it.”

One of Jerre’s favorite quotes is “When you imagine it, you can achieve it! When you dream it, you can become it.” “Nothing is impossible,” he says. “As long as I have the ambition, then someday, I will reach that level.”