News release for Team ALL GIRLS – M1GP 24 Hour Endurance Race

For Immediate release

October 5, 2012

Full Tuck Racing/Concept Five ALL GIRLS team takes Third place in class and fifth overall in the 3rd Annual M1GP24 Hour Super Endurance Motorcycle Race, a full-fledged endurance race for mini-class bikes, that was held over the weekend.  The team consisted of seven girls from several different race organizations: Michelle Wilcox, Jennifer Lauritzen, Tania Davidson, Kimiko Donahue, Sarah Lahalih, Kitty Brooks and Issey Wiriyahyuttamar.

The M1GP24 Hour Super Endurance Motorcycle Charity Race is held at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, Calif., every September and brings racers from all ages (10-to Adult) with various riding backgrounds to challenge a 24 hour race without having to go to France (Le Mans).

The team would like to thank their sponsors for backing their efforts: Full Tuck Racing, Airtech Streamlining, Concept Five, Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyers, and Texas Tea Oil.

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