Team ALL GIRLS Set To Compete In M1GP’s 24 Hour Super Endurance Race

M1 Grand Prix Endurance Race, 2012

M1GP has its first team completely signed up for the M1GP 24 Hour Super Endurance Motorcycle Race to be held on September 29-30, 2012, on the kart track at Willow Springs International Raceway, Rosamond, CA. Racing Team ALL GIRLS has eight members and will feature female riders from several race organizations: Michelle Wilcox- M1GP, Jennifer Lauritzen –  AFM, SMUSA , Tania Davidson-CVMA, Kimiko Donahue-CVMA, Sarah Lahalih, Kitty Brooks-M1GP, Issey Wiriyahyuttamar-CVMA, M1GP and Melissa Paris-AMA,WERA . They will be fielding a Honda NSR50 and each rider will be completing 1 hour stints. 
Michelle Wilcox, team captain of ALL GIRLS, had this to say, ” I am really  looking forward to this event. Last year’s 24 hour race was a very good learning experience for me. I decided this year to field an NSR50, instead of anNS50 modified , and asked riders with good experience to be a part of the team. Having Melissa Paris and Jennifer Lauritzen onboard for this is also phenomenal, they are such a strong riders. I think I’ve put together a team that will be very competitive, and being first to completely register gives us first pick of pit spot and pit board area. I’d really like to thank the team sponsors for backing our efforts: Full Tuck Racing, Airtech Streamlining, Concept Five, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, and Texas Tea Oil.”

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