Michelle’s Plumeria: Beautiful yet Deadly

Michelle is about flexing her muscle and going fast on her motorcycle.

Michelle Wilcox rides every chance she gets. She also road races in local racing clubs and she’s all about having fun and enjoying her motorcycle. She has one tattoo on her wrist that is a symbol of strength to help her through life’s battles.

Beautiful yet deadly, the Plumeria is a contradictory yet synergistic symbol of how riding can effect your life.

This is what she had to say about her tattoo:

My tattoo is a Plumeria flower, beautiful and delicate – and deadly! The Plumeria is a highly poisonous flower that represents many things to many cultures. It is my symbol of independence. I got it after a bad divorce and it is a reminder of my youth and travels. My Dad was in the Navy and I lived in many places, including Hawaii, but always next to the ocean. Riding to me is beautiful and independent, but if not done correctly, it can be deadly, just like the Plumeria. I am an Accounting Manager. Both my riding and my tattoo are shocking to those that first meet me. I like that.

Michelle races with M1 Grand Prix on a 50cc road race bike. Many road racers say they learn more on the little bikes, which makes them faster on the big bikes. I’ve tried it myself and it sure is a lot of fun.