Symbol of a Veteran: Pedro’s Dragon

Pedro James Chavez aboard his Buell.

We at moto-inked can not express enough gratitude to the soldiers who have fought for this country in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have endured hardships and pain so that we can have our freedom. Thank you Pedro for your service! Hooah!

Pedro’s words about his tattoo, which represents strength:

Pedro’s dragon. A symbol of strength.

I got this tattoo while stationed in Germany. I love dragons, and this one is special. It represents strength, courage and power. After being injured and nearly loosing my leg and ability to walk in Iraq, I was told I would never walk again, let alone ride because of the damage to my leg and back. This tattoo became my strength. I sold my Yamaha R1 believing I would never ride again. At some point, my desire to be on two wheels and walk on my own, along with this tattoo, gave me the inspiration and strength to fight through it all. I learned how to walk again, and eventually began to ride again. Now everyday I have terrible pain in my lower back and legs but I still walk tall and ride whenever I get a chance. Riding represents freedom and adventure. To me it also represents the achievement of my goals.