An Author’s Inspiration:Michael Shane Hill

Say hello to Michael Shane Hill.

Michael Shane Hill is not your average human being. He created something called “The Downtag,” a revolutionary idea that would help fallen riders be quickly identified during an accident so they may receive help when needed, along with efficient and timely medical care. He also started his own publishing company and is due to release his first novel, “A Murderer’s Son,” this summer. Michael is not just an entrepreneur, but a rider who has some pretty cool tattoos.

Read Michael’s words to find out more about them.

Michael’s ‘I am’ tattoo. Simple yet explicit in definition.

The “I Am” tattoo is to signify that, literally, “I am.”  It’s a life philosophy, of sorts.  When one person asks another “who are you,” it is usually responded to by providing a name, an age, what occupation/position that person holds, where they went to school, where they live, what they drive/ride, etc.  It’s proof that people primarily identify with the things within their life that are not necessarily constant.  They identify their being with things that have nothing to do with who they actually are.  All of the aforementioned aspects of a person’s life can be taken away in an instant and yet that person would still exist.  You could even take away a person’s name and it wouldn’t take them off this earth.  Thus, I believe, the truest response to “who are you” is “I am.”  I am not my schooling, I am not my occupation, I am not any of my avocations, I am not what car I drive, I am not what city I live in…I just simply “am.”

Michael’s Phoenix tattoo. Nevermind the blur in the upper left hand corner. That’s a camera. 😉


The phoenix tattoo is another symbolic choice.  Mythologically speaking, the phoenix is a symbol of rebirth.  It’s something we all are capable of doing (whether we choose to do so or not).  Just as with each rebirth, the phoenix grows stronger, wiser, and more beautiful.  I share a similar story…with each chapter of my own life (and I’ve had many of them), I grow stronger, wiser, and more beautiful (even if only on the inside).  With each chapter of my life that I transition out of/into, I add a piece to the tattoo…thus, just as it is with my life as a whole, the tattoo is never complete.  The art on my arm/shoulder is constantly growing…with me.