Life is an Adventure for JT.

A memorial to his friend, this tattoo is a constant reminder to live each day as if it were your last.

“The tattoo on my left shoulder is a representation of my best friend, Bryan Hodges, whom I lost to a motorcycle accident involving an irresponsible teenage driver who turned in front of us in a sedan while we were riding together. I chose the Grim Reaper design because Bryan loved the reaper and he was a red head so I gave the reaper fire on his hood. The words spell out ‘Soulless Rider,’ – his nickname – May he Rest In Peace.

Life is an Adventure! Need we say more? Tattoo by Tina Sulano.

I chose my chest piece for numerous reasons. But the one reason I focused on it was the fact of how true it is. People always ask me if I am scared that something is going to happen while riding on the streets or on the racetrack and I always tell them, ‘that is part of the adventure.’ I don’t spend a lot of time worrying what’s around the corner or what fate has in store. If you knew all the answers to life – well – its like reading a brand new book and someone already told you what’s on every page. If you always knew the answers, life would not be very exciting. Everyday is a new day with new possibilities, enjoy it!

There is nothing like a canyon run to truly appreciate a beautiful morning. Thank you Go Pro.

I ride for many reasons: To relieve stress, to enjoy the air, to put my helmet on and be in my own world. Mostly, I ride because it is my passion. As I’m a veteran back in the civilian sector, a lot of things irritate me. I get frustrated easily and all I need to do is get on the bike and drain a full tank of gas, and then my problems and stresses disappear. I just gotta hit a good, long road and it gives me some clairvoyance to think straight.


The community of riders (in my opinion) is something you can’t beat either. I miss the camaraderie of the Marines and a good amount, but not all, is replaced by the togetherness of riding with a group. If there is anything in the world that gives me the most bodily fulfillment, the most happiness, it’s the sound of a cold start in the morning, then pulling back into the garage long after the sun has gone down and my bike is 100+ miles older.

Ride for love, Ride for life.

Worlds by JT

Photos of Josh’s tattoos by Jenn Jaynes of M1 Sport Riders

Life is an Adventure tattoo by Tina Sulano