Our Good Friend Candy Garza.

Candy chillin’ in Daytona. You lucky girl!

Candy is a pretty cool chick. She’s one of those laid back, cool friends you can confide anything to. But she also likes surprises. We work together and on my 30th birthday, I came in a little late, thinking no one would notice. Low and behold my cubicle was stuffed with birthday goodies and decor so thick, I couldn’t even to my chair. But that’s Candy. Go big or go home, especially when it comes to celebrations.

Candy and Veronika at the MSF class

I just want to congrats to my girl for taking the MSF class and getting her motorcycle license. Up until now, she’s spent most of her time riding in the dirt or tearing up the dunes in her family’s Kawasaki Teryx. So maybe when she’s not spending time ‘The Bob’ as she affectionately calls her one-year-old son, we can finally go for a ride sometime?

Candy’s ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ Skull tattoo by Dan McNab.

Candy also has a pretty cool Dia de los Muertos skull on her upper arm. It’s a pretty awesome rendition of the classic old school style of tattoo mixed with brilliant new school color. The tattoo is by Dan McNab of Tattoo Gallery in Huntington Beach, CA. Why this tattoo? “I love sugar skulls!” she says. She’s got a full sleeve planned out and Dan is waiting with sketches. So if and when she decides to go back for more ink, we’re hoping to have a glimpse of the final work here.