Life is an Adventure for JT.

A memorial to his friend, this tattoo is a constant reminder to live each day as if it were your last.

“The tattoo on my left shoulder is a representation of my best friend, Bryan Hodges, whom I lost to a motorcycle accident involving an irresponsible teenage driver who turned in front of us in a sedan while we were riding together. I chose the Grim Reaper design because Bryan loved the reaper and he was a red head so I gave the reaper fire on his hood. The words spell out ‘Soulless Rider,’ – his nickname – May he Rest In Peace.

Life is an Adventure! Need we say more? Tattoo by Tina Sulano.

I chose my chest piece for numerous reasons. But the one reason I focused on it was the fact of how true it is. People always ask me if I am scared that something is going to happen while riding on the streets or on the racetrack and I always tell them, ‘that is part of the adventure.’ I don’t spend a lot of time worrying what’s around the corner or what fate has in store. If you knew all the answers to life – well – its like reading a brand new book and someone already told you what’s on every page. If you always knew the answers, life would not be very exciting. Everyday is a new day with new possibilities, enjoy it!

There is nothing like a canyon run to truly appreciate a beautiful morning. Thank you Go Pro.

I ride for many reasons: To relieve stress, to enjoy the air, to put my helmet on and be in my own world. Mostly, I ride because it is my passion. As I’m a veteran back in the civilian sector, a lot of things irritate me. I get frustrated easily and all I need to do is get on the bike and drain a full tank of gas, and then my problems and stresses disappear. I just gotta hit a good, long road and it gives me some clairvoyance to think straight.


The community of riders (in my opinion) is something you can’t beat either. I miss the camaraderie of the Marines and a good amount, but not all, is replaced by the togetherness of riding with a group. If there is anything in the world that gives me the most bodily fulfillment, the most happiness, it’s the sound of a cold start in the morning, then pulling back into the garage long after the sun has gone down and my bike is 100+ miles older.

Ride for love, Ride for life.

Worlds by JT

Photos of Josh’s tattoos by Jenn Jaynes of M1 Sport Riders

Life is an Adventure tattoo by Tina Sulano


Our Good Friend Candy Garza.

Candy chillin’ in Daytona. You lucky girl!

Candy is a pretty cool chick. She’s one of those laid back, cool friends you can confide anything to. But she also likes surprises. We work together and on my 30th birthday, I came in a little late, thinking no one would notice. Low and behold my cubicle was stuffed with birthday goodies and decor so thick, I couldn’t even to my chair. But that’s Candy. Go big or go home, especially when it comes to celebrations.

Candy and Veronika at the MSF class

I just want to congrats to my girl for taking the MSF class and getting her motorcycle license. Up until now, she’s spent most of her time riding in the dirt or tearing up the dunes in her family’s Kawasaki Teryx. So maybe when she’s not spending time ‘The Bob’ as she affectionately calls her one-year-old son, we can finally go for a ride sometime?

Candy’s ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ Skull tattoo by Dan McNab.

Candy also has a pretty cool Dia de los Muertos skull on her upper arm. It’s a pretty awesome rendition of the classic old school style of tattoo mixed with brilliant new school color. The tattoo is by Dan McNab of Tattoo Gallery in Huntington Beach, CA. Why this tattoo? “I love sugar skulls!” she says. She’s got a full sleeve planned out and Dan is waiting with sketches. So if and when she decides to go back for more ink, we’re hoping to have a glimpse of the final work here.

MI Featured Rider of the Week: Stunt Rider Lily Garcia

Lily aboard a 2010 Kawasaki ZX6-R. Photo by Make-up by Christina Poplett. Photo shoot at Blue Monkey Tatto in Rialto, CA.

Meet Lily Garcia. Stylish, sleek black hair, glasses, bright white smile. She’s approachable, friendly and when I first met her, I knew she rode, but I had no idea how well. It’s funny how we got started on the conversation of what a stunt rider looks like. She’s about as feminine as they come with a bubbly personality – no sign of a tom boy on her. It was obvious that first impressions can be deceiving. Just check out her ink.

Lily’s mermaid tattoo, a symbol of her days as a junior olympic swimmer.

She’s got a mermaid on her forearm, a visible remnant of her days as a junior olympic swimmer. “It helps me to remember a huge part of my life,” she says, understandable considering how important fitness is to maintaining control of your machine while performing stunts.

Having fun on a sunny day. Free and uninhibited like the ink on her arms.

Her 2008 Suzuki GSXR-600 started off as a showroom beauty, white and gold with gleaming plastics, at least until Lily met Tony Carbajal. She saw what he could do and found her calling. She started playing around on a mountain bike before transferring her curiosity to her gixxer. “You’re going to eat it,” she says when I asked if she was scared when she first tried to do wheelies. But she insists the occasional get-off is worth it to basque in the adrenaline rush it produces. And if you think about it, her stunt born street fighter machine has much more personality anyway.

For Lily, it’s all about enjoying the time you spend on your motorcycle. Grab life by the handlebars and ride it like no one is watching.

Once I talked to Lily, it was apparent the high that drives her stems from independence and breaking through the walls we build for ourselves. She does things most people are too scared to try and she believes in herself every step of the way. When she tells other people about her love for stunting and they shake their heads in disbelief, she shrugs her shoulders and says, “I did something I never thought I could do.” Her unbreakable heart and steadfast spirit are a model for other women to resemble. I was so impressed with Lily, not just because she does stunts like staggers and burn outs, but because she doesn’t let others’ opinions get her down. She lives her life to the fullest, practicing three to four hours a day to fine tune her skills.

Lily stands tall the way many women wish they could. Why not follow her example and start living your life the way you want to!

I asked her if she wanted to compete and it seemed the thought hadn’t crossed her mind. “I do it cause it’s fun,” she says, that feeling of freedom and release being her only motivation for lofting a front wheel to the sky. But she’s still humble. “It’s something to do,”she says. Although her modesty was admirable, I have a feeling this “something to do” is only the beginning for Lily.

Lily’s floral collection that she proudly displays on her upper arm.

Lily’s featured ink is her upper arm tattoo, a collection of flora including the Diablo Dahlia, Tiger Lilly, Hibiscus and Cherry Blossoms. The color is the perfect compliment to her olive skin and she wears it proudly.

MI Bike of the Week: GizmotoHPM 2007 Suzuki GSXR-600 stunt custom

MI Model and Rider, Bunnie, aboard the 2007 Suzuki GSXR-600 Gizmoto Custom

Owned by Jod Dominguez, this bike is a conversation piece. With a paint job resembling a B-2 Spirit Bomber, it’s stealth look only adds to its bad ass persona. This stunt ready machine is equipped with all the necessary mods to rip up the stunt lot while still being a street legal ride.

Gizmo working on another custom, no doubt a pre-cursor to the B-2 look-a-like.

Built by Gizmo Sanchez of GizmotoHPM, a shop based in San Bernardino, this bike had me at ‘hello.’ This isn’t Gizmo’s first work of art. He’s been in business for four and a half years and has quite a few custom builds under his belt.

Who says motorcycles arn’t for kids? Who knows? Maybe this baby is the next Aaron Colton?

Take a look at this list of accoutrements to compile your grocery list of must-have mods for a stunt bum’s dream machine. Enjoy.

Photo by Maggie Maltbie.

Photo by Maggie Maltbie.

Impact Tech Crash Cage

Stunt Stay

Sub Cage

Round Bar

Brembo brakes

Front hand brake

Brembo dual reservoir

FI Clip Ons

Steel Braided Lines (front and rear)

Photo by Tavares Ashanti

I3 Dual Caliper Set Up

Grip Ace Hand Grips

Custom Cut Zero Gravity Windscreen

GPR Damper

CRG 2-Inch Mirror

HT Moto Stunt seats

Custom Dented Tank with Tank Grip

Jardine Slip On

Stunt driven sprocket kit (54R with a 520 chain)

RSC Easy Pull

Dual HID lights

MI Tattoo of the Week: Moto Girl Pin Up from Blue Monkey Tattoo

Elissa with her 2003 Suzuki GSXR-600

Elissa is no stranger to tattoos. She has quite a few, including an amazing ‘Rosie the Riveter’ rendition of a female marine mechanic which Elissa herself used to be.

Elissa’s rib tattoo, which is a representation of herself in the US Marine Corps.

She also has a hummingbird on her shoulder that represents her Dad and flowers on her back that represent her immediate family.

John Soto from Blue Monkey Tattoo works on Elissa Everett’s Moto Girl Pin Up, meticulously filling in the shading and paying attention to every detail.

So when I mentioned we were having a tattoo party at Blue Monkey Tattoo in Rialto, CA, she was down for some ink time. John Soto was the tattoo artist who sketched her pin up and positioned the pin up kneeling over a helmet, which is actually based on the Bell Star helmet.

A close-up of the finished Moto Girl Pin Up tattoo.

Elissa has been riding for a couple of years now and has a 2003 Suzuki GSXR600 with a clean, all white paint job. She occasionally rides in the canyons and does track days. Formerly a marine, Elissa is using her GI Bill to become a nurse.

To see more of Elissa’s tattoo, check out this YouTube video.