Media Shark Frenzy After Skirmish between Alexian Lien and group of riders in NYC

From Rachael Maltbie to all who have read this, please see my follow up here.

Still frame from the helmet cam where Lien drove his SUV over the riders in front of him.

Still frame from the helmet cam where Lien drove his SUV over the riders in front of him.

Last week, a group called Hollywood Stuntz was to put on a massive ride, but that ride never happened. The ride was initially meant to be “a family thing” to celebrate the end of summer, but things went awry when this event was cancelled and a group of unknown riders had a violent confrontation with Alexian Lien, the driver of a black Range Rover.

As riders approached the sides of Lien’s Range Rover on the highway, they changed lanes in front of Lien. Upon slowing down, Lien hit the rear of one of the bikes and knocked it and rider over which brought the entire group to a halt. The riders surrounding the vehicle approached Lien, who had his wife in the passenger seat and baby in the rear seat of the vehicle. According to the NY Times, witnesses say the riders did not attack the vehicle initially.

Lien panicked and hit the gas pedal, running over a couple of bikes in the process. This resulted in a pursuit that ended near the George Washington Bridge when Lien was forced to stop at a traffic light. At that point, the riders surrounded his vehicle again and one of them began bashing in the driver side window with his helmet. A video that was shot by a rider nearby with his helmet camera shows the entire pursuit, but stops just short of Lien being beaten. Lien suffered lacerations and bruises as a result of the beating, but he had no other serious injuries.

The media has been focusing mostly on Lien’s injuries as opposed to the injuries of Jay Meezee, the rider who was hit by Lien’s SUV. Meezee is currently in a medical induced coma and is paralyzed from the waist down. He’s fighting for his life in the hospital while the media has a feeding frenzy with the story surrounding his misfortune.

It’s been a long time since I’ve published an opinion on events in the news, but I had to speak up about this one. Based on the video, it’s unclear what the intentions were of either

Headline by the NY Post. They're obviously not worried about credibility.

Headline by the NY Post. They’re obviously not worried about credibility.

side. According to the NY Times, a witness stated the driver (Lien) “sped up as the riders approached and hurled obscenities at them.” If this is true and Lien had in fact instigated a confrontation, the resulting road rage was an instinctual response and most likely more than he had bargained for. This incident would have been the equivalent of Lien starting a fight with someone at a family barbecue and expecting not to be beaten by the rest of the family members afterward. And if Lien had in fact started the whole thing by intentionally hitting the rider in front of him, he was not only endangering the lives of the riders around his vehicle, but also the lives of his family in the car. His temporary recklessness may have been the result of panic or fear, but he is still a suspect involved in a cowardly crime.

If you read the NY Post’s view of the event, they title their version of the story as “Motor Psychos: ‘Road Rage Biker May Be Paralyzed.’” The article goes on to state how “one of the sickos posted video on YouTube” and the “menacing pack” surrounded Lien’s SUV and then “cops busted psycho biker.” Not only did the NY Post immediately place blame on the riders without any backup testimony from witness statements, they wrote a leading piece to sway readers into easily believing the ‘bad biker’ stereotype, thus making Lien a hero despite his cowardly act. This was lazy, presumptuous and unsubstantiated journalism that would have landed the NY Post in a slander suit if this had happened before the digital age of social media.

I, myself, have a major in journalism and was taught about a journalist’s code of ethics which is or was thought to be as sacred as a knight’s code of honor. But this code has obviously been degraded, undermined and devalued to the point where it’s virtually worthless simply for the sake of page views.

I’m very disheartened and angered by the media’s loose use of trendy, persuasive banter with no regard to the consequences. They’re paying no attention to how their words affect all involved and how their point of view persuades not just the reader, but also law enforcement entities into buying a particular version of events because they’re the so called authority on the matter. This is just ignorant reporting that does nothing to dissolve the aftermath of a horrific and unfortunate incident and it does nothing to positively examine the circumstances of the event or shed a positive light on the matter.

Photo of Jay Meezee lying on a hospital bed. This viral photo is a potent message that road rage never has a good ending.

Photo of Jay Meezee lying on a hospital bed. This viral photo is a potent message that road rage never has a good ending.

My point is, on that horrible day, Jay, who was trying to help the rider who was initially hit, may never walk again, or sustain a normal job or even be the man his family knew before. And though the driver of the SUV was injured, he was not severely hurt and more than likely will not be punished for his mistakes the way the riders will be punished for theirs.

There are many shoulda-coulda-woulda’s in this story, i.e. Lien should have backed off when the pack approached, he should have called the cops and the riders should have stayed out of his lane and not consumed the entire highway. There were many chances to avoid this incident, chances by both sides but they did what they did and now they both have to face the consequences. There is no excuse for the riders consuming an entire highway, but there is also no excuse for Lien to flee the scene of an accident after maiming a rider with his vehicle.

Even though Lien hit and severely injured a rider, even though he fled the scene of an accident, endangered his family and didn’t notify the cops of his situation like a coward (most likely because he knew he was also in the wrong), he will not be punished. No charges will be brought against him. He’ll recover from his beating and move on with his life like nothing ever happened. He will most likely take out his resentment on any other rider he sees while driving for the rest of his life. But because the media is pinning most of the blame on the riders, it’s justifying Lien to take out his resentment as well as every other driver on the road for that matter as they’re simply treating every last ‘bad, malicious biker’ the way they deserve to be treated.

The media is the voice of the people. It’s all we see and hear and we’re bombarded with stories that are not always true and opinions that are not always warranted. Everything happens for a reason but if that reason is twisted and contorted into slop by poor journalism, then we’re never going to improve as a society, we’re never going to stop violence or persuade readers to take a positive course of action. By the media pointing fingers, they’re only throwing fuel on the fire just to see how high the flames can reach. And where’s the justice in that?

Helmet Cam Footage of Incident.

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  1. Very well written,valid points all around, and I can relate that every rider over here in Cali has put in a word and we’ve all been fighting for those who think its okay to run someone over. It’s very unfortunate that a ride ended bad like this and it’s true things could have been handled differently but it’s devastating to know someone with road rage had the nerve to destroy someone’s life and then try to run from it. This whole situation is horrible :(

    • I am a rider in cali and i dont see it the way the media does but unfortunately i do see the biker group at fault here. The man was cleary in danger and did what was necesarry to protect himself and his family. The biker group went after him after one biker cut him off and brake checked him. He hit him not on purpose (benefit of the doubt) but he was put in a corner. This makes all bikers look bad and these irresponsible kids should be charged and taught a lesson. This only helps the idea that all bikers are dangerous assholes when in a big group. Ive seen it first hand and dont beleive the lien should be at fault for anything. If i was the driver i would have prolly done the same

      • if you would have done the same you are truly a fool running from the scene is putting your life and your family at risk and you don’t know the full story because you weren’t there .for your information the driver was being aggresive and like everyone knows car should take there time when there are alot of bikes on the road.secondly the hit was on purpose but dont quote me i just happen to live here. All you know is what the media posted but everyone is entitled to their own opinion

      • i hit a car before for breaking in front of me does that make it on purpose? I live in ny too, im going from the video, the bike pass him then slowed down in front of him. you can see the car stop. then the bike surrounded him then he took off.. car should take their time when there are lots of bikes if im driving and bikes come from behind me I don’t need to stop they should follow the rules of the roads just like everyone else.

      • The guy who was driving must be blind to run over that biker and he goes and tells the world that they attack him first and then ran the guy over stupid chines driver.

      • This is the real crime. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent for not hitting more of these menaces.

      • What kind of person thinks that folks, BIKERS should be KILLED?????? There are plenty of folks out there who deserve that kind of thinking (maybe), murderers, drug dealers, rapist, child molesters and terrorist… But you think BIKERS, should be KILLDED, run over on the road???? You must have had a terrible child hood…wow

      • I couldn’t agree more. Coward pussies that can only act tough when in a gang.

        Too bad Lien wasn’t carrying like I do.

        What sort of douche-nozzle wears a chrome half-lid on a (piece of shit) sportbike anyway?

        I would have given chrome-dome a beat-down just for that.

      • ~ I agree. If Lien didn’t back down when Cruz brake tested him he would have hit Cruz the one who was assaulting him with a motor vehicle. Then he could have just sailed down the road bouncing the pack, one-by-one as they chose to pursue him.
        ~ The bikers are scum. They don’t want anybody catching them. They always run. But when somebody tries to escape from them they get all righteous.

      • I rode for 30 years in and around Oakland and we never harassed a motorist even if they flipped us off. Why, wearing colors put us at fault no matter what and that has not changed! Oakland’s DA and PD are not pussies and would harasses is at the drop of a hat. If someone brake checked me on a bike today, we’ll, all I can say is he has a death wish.

      • I’m a biker and i agree – his only mistake was not putting more of them in the hospital.

      • Sho U right! I would have hit the accelerator until the speed bumps went away. The only crime is that more of those mf ain’t laid up with a tube in they mouth like that other douche. His bitch ass wife screaming he a victim. Beooch please!!! He the problem. Well he was the problem

      • Agreed. I would have kept brake checking and swerving to get them all down(at least the ones that pursued the range) Insane way to react when THEY’RE the ones CLEARLY trying to close down the highway to “stunt” Fuck out of here with that bullshit. Also viewed a previous video where they block off oncoming traffic and rip a prius’ mirror off because he didn’t want to stop even though he had a green light…. Are you kidding me? What makes these asshole have the right to do this? police officers, fire men, and funerals should only have this privileged. I have friend that ride and I know for a fact none of them would act in this manner.

    • “As riders approached the sides of Lien’s Range Rover on the highway, they changed lanes in front of Lien. Upon slowing down, Lien hit the rear of one of the bikes and knocked it and rider over…” Wow, just wow. You didn’t even watch the video did you? I saw Mr. Cruz along side the driver harassing and trying to intimidate him, then cutting in front of him – way too close, and then turning around looking backward at the driver as he slams his brakes and causes an accident – stopping so fast the SUV had no chance to stop. Then he and all his biker-wannabe thug friends start damaging the SUV and the menacing driver.

      • I would pay to see chrome-dome’s expression as he approached my window only to see an XD-40 with an extended clip loaded with SD ammo staring his ignorant ass in the face.

      • It’s great that SOME people actually pay attention to the video and the stupid biker trying to cause the accident. People…PAY ATTENTION! You can clearly see the biker IN THE SAME LANE NEXT TO THE RR then speed in front of the RR and break CAUSING the accident!! Hmmmm…I would do the same thing. Lets get the facts straight before putting out your ridiculous opinions that are ignorant. Watch it, then repost. And what kind of people sea family in a vehicle and try to hurt them?!?! IDiOTS!! This is nuts that people think this is ok!!

      • Max, how did you happen to see that? Xray vision? Everyone has been saying that the “gang” of bikers was slashing the tires. I didn’t see that, how could you view this, the guy with the Cam was too far ahead to view this. Unreal! And furthermore, before i read anymore bs, if the tires were slashed why was the suv driving smoothly? Things that make you go HMMMM

      • @RiderX you clearly dont have a mother that you refer to a woman in that manner. Its really mind boggling to know that sick people like you still exist in thos world!! Run over someone who was helping someone else? I realaly hope you dont have kids and they are forced to deal with your bad karma.. I’ll make sure to pray for you tonight!!

    • i think it was ok for the driver to take off
      there was so many laws those bikers broke anyways
      plus he was protecting his family ….
      they still had the nerve to post up on youtube how they can drive fast on the wrong lanes lol bunch of idiots now a days that isnt scared of dieing

  2. It makes me mad that it is against the law to hit and run, but yet there will be no charges against Lien!!!! Rachael you made great points of things they could or should have done…but a good driver will always drive on the defense, specially w/family on.. How hard was for LIen to stop, slow down or change lane.. If he felt harassed as some sites stated then why not have his wife call 911? Bikers are bikers they ride in group like family, they do crazy things on the road, yes, but again is up to us to take precaution.. That’s why we have rear review mirror and side view mirrors to monitor everything around us when driving!!!! I place all the blame on Lien!

    • Liliana I love completely biased opinions like yours… How hard was it for him to stop a Range rover… Well lets see, the bike cuts him off with approx 1 bike length of space (4-5 feet). Bike then cuts throttle (anyone who rides sport bikes is familiar with how strong engine braking is) thus reducing speed quickly without even a warning of a brake light. Change lanes you say? I assume you mean into the multiple other bikes to his left and right, or the one that pushed into the same lane as the RR moments before? Hmm… I guess the RR should have slammed on his brakes with several bikes tailing just a few feet behind him. All sound like wonderful ideas to me! ::sarcasm… Everyone seems to state that he should have called 911… Where has it said anywhere that he did NOT call 911 as he was fleeing? I have not read anything anywhere about whether he did or did not, I’d rather leave all the speculation out of it, there are a million and one opinions on this matter, along with another million assumptions and false statements being thrown around.

      Don’t get me wrong I am not in favor of or defending Lien. I have a very middle of the road opinion on this event, and I feel both sides were wrong. I have argued for both sides, just depends on what I’m arguing against.

      • Right, but if u read again what I wrote I pointed out that’s why we have rear review mirror and side view mirrors. To help u see what’s coming behind u miles away.. Yes a RR is hard to stop but it looks like he was already going slow plus look the video again there were no bikers behind him as they were going around… we can all sit here and write a book about this, but only they knew what they felt in that situation.. I just can’t believe this bikers were looking for trouble and it is more unbelievable to see this RR pass by all those bikes like nothing and keep going… Anyways I think we will hear more about this for the next few days or maybe weeks!!!

    • “Right, but if u read again what I wrote I pointed out that’s why we have rear review mirror and side view mirrors. To help u see what’s coming behind u miles away..”

      Able to see behind you miles away? Liliana, please tell us how you are able to do that while driving and focusing on what’s ahead. If Lien should be focusing on what’s behind him MILES AWAY…you can best bet whoever brake checks him can die. Again, not taking Lien’s side. But the bikers should’ve called the cops when their good friend/family was hit because he decided to sign up for the risks and brake check a large vehicle. Not only that, Lien did open his door in attempt to exchange information for the accident. But, sensing immediate threat against him and his family? It takes a no brainer to know what are the risks are when it’s 50 vs. 1. That one man will always appear to be the victim when in fact…50 vs 1? Eff that…gtfo! I would’ve done the same thing even though I don’t think it’s right. The man is a great father and husband. Most of all, he did not sign up for this risk.

      • Not siding on either side but a point has to be made about your post…

        Maybe where you’re from you don’t use your mirrors, but where I’m from EVERYONE does, its considered SAFE driving. Its how you see those lead foot drivers coming up too fast in the lane you want to get into and avoid an accident. Its how you see tailgaters and slow down or move over to avoid a rear ender. Seeing a bunch of bikers coming up behind you wouldn’t have needed a whole lot of focus… It would be pretty damn obvious…

      • Well said.

        I ride a BMW S1000RR & a KTM 500 EXC. I try to always respect other vehicles on the road because you know what, image matters, and negatively or positively affects my right to ride.

        Now I have has assholes in cages try to fuck with me & other riders on my rides, and I don’t put up with that shit either.

        As for this ride, too bad nobody had the foresight to string steel cable across the road these asshats where traveling down.

    • So bikers have the right to “Do crazy things on the road.”? No they do not. If a moron on a bike does a wheelie and falls and gets hit, it is the bikers fault, no one else.

      • How the heck could he have kept track of every single bike around him.

        The freaking Navy radars would have a tough time keeping track. He had to have had at least 8 bikes all around him any action he did could have caused an accident.

        Had the biker in front not checked him I would wager that nobody would have been bumped.

      • I think lien had merged onto the highway and immediately he was swarmed by 100 bikers. Had he see them in his rear view mirror, he would’ve moved aside or probably exit himself out of the highway. His totally was trying to protect himself and his family.
        I have biker friends. Not siding with anyone. Just saying… If I see a family in a RR, would I Fk with him?? never!!! But these bikers were clearly fking with Lien as the videos showed. They were aggressive towards the RR from the beginning, they messed with him but they did not expect him to run for it. They were hoping he would talk to them first, and then beat his ass. Regardless, they beat his ass anyways…my prayers goes out to all victims.

    • The hit and run laws have exceptions for just cause, like the other driver and his friends are attacking you. At least read the hit and run laws before accusing an INNOCENT MANlike Alexian Lien of breaking the law. Did you view the other videos the rider posted? The bikers are criminals and belong in jail and it is a tragedy that Alexian Lien has been put through this.

    • Not charged with anything. It makes me angry too. But lets walk through the reasons. Every prosecutors office maintains a score card called ‘conviction rate’. Typically 80%. This is the number of convictions compared to number of cases picked up by district attorneys. Unsolved murder cases drags down the conviction rate. But also Acquittals. Defendants acquitted by jury of peers by means of jury nullification also drags down the number. In this case virtually any randomly picked jury would 96% certainly be in alignment with the news media in terms of the alleged intimidation. Looking at the tape it is hard to see any evidence of intimidation when everybody stopped to see what happened to Cruz. The media simply accepted the word of Lien and Ng as proof of no culpability.

  3. Yay… lets fight a bunch of biased media articles with another completely biased article from the opposite end of the spectrum… You have certain facts wrong here, just the same as mainstream media is reporting half trues or inaccuracies.

  4. Guy on bike brake checks himself into your vehicle causing accident, angry mob of 100 bikers surrounds your vehicle and begin to kick and punch your vehicle… “but there is also no excuse for Lien to flee the scene of an accident after maiming a rider with his vehicle”

    I will have to respectfully disagree with your statement there.

    I’ve been a part of streetrides across this nation since 2002 and will be the first to say that the dude who brake checked himself into that truck brought his injuries on himself. He is just as responsible for all the resulting injuries as the SUV driver if not more so imho. Fellow stuntriders continue to wonder why this hobby doesn’t become a sport. It was only a matter of time before this happened. Nice work helping to get the mainstream public to accept stuntriding as a legitimate sport.

  5. You’re misrepresenting a number of things, the biggest one being where you say that “a witness” stated that the driver had been hurling obscenities at the bikers. In fact, the article clearly states that it was one of the bikers who said that, not just some neutral “witness”.

    Otherwise, your point of view is obviously as biased as you accuse the media of being. Unless there’s some major revelation, such as that the driver of the SUV had just shot one of the biker’s off-camera or something like that, the bikers were very clearly at fault, very clearly threatened the safety of the driver and his family, and very clearly deserved far worse than they got.

  6. Very well written article. It is nice to see someone actually talk about riders as if we are people. Usually they just make us sound like some alien subhuman thing. We are just people under our helmets. It is wrong to run us over just like it is wrong to run anyone else over. People seem to be under the impression that is an Ok thing to do. They don’t realize that they are murdering people.

  7. What a dumb shit article. Clearly you are a one of those “Bad ass riders” who run redlights and weave through traffic yourself. These scumbag riders are making a bad name for good riders.

  8. No proof that he cut a biker off but let’s just say he did. The next move is to trap him, brake check him, stop your bike and approach the vehicle? Kinda stupid.

    I understand a lot of you bikers are insecure and short and bald, and you didn’t get much respect in high school so you squad up to feel tough and manly, but nothing is more manly than running over another man to protect your wife and daughter. He should of backed up over them.

    You pussies with your rice burners think you own all the lanes on the highway, but the truth is no one likes you and everyone thinks you’re annoying and sees through your insecurity. “Cowards travel in packs”

    99% of the country agrees with the driver, only bitch rice burners don’t.

    • Sounds like someone is obsessed with getting respect in high school. Are you sure your not the one short bald and insecure? Or could you be the high school football star who has amounted to nothing? Or are you a vidoe playing geek who was bullied by a pack & your momma told you that cowards travel in pacts to make you feel like less of a pussy??? You just sound dumb!

  9. The guy brake- checks an SUV who has no other lane to move to and out of the way. These bikers are crowding all the lanes around the SUV and driving in an illegal manner. Even if the SUV had space and time to brake without hitting the bike in front of him, he would have swerved onto other bikes or the bikes behind him would have hit him from behind. Now you have angry bikers attacking his car containing his family. Although I don’t agree with him taking off, it appeared he was in physical danger which was confirmed by the beating he received in the end. He did call 911, which to me shows concern for the incident.

  10. Finally sensibility from press..Thank you..I was right next to the first motorcycle that was hit.(2-3 miles prior to the video) That is where it started..he pushed his way through the bikes to the lane next to me where he hit his first bike..We tried getting him to stop for a couple miles..honking horns..yelling …waving.
    .yet the drive stared straight ahead refusing to stop..I backed away from him for fear of my passenger possibly getting hurt..I don’t think they should have beat him but I can understand the heat of the moment issue…again thank you for the post..

  11. Scumbag tactics by the riders. I won’t call them bikers out of respect to real bikers. Pack animals is more like it. Lucky them it wasn’t me, you would be a full ER and scrape these asshats from the guard rails.

  12. So explain to me what kind of journalist doesn’t know that Liem DID in fact call the cops and they didn’t show up until he was pulled from his car, beaten and slashed in front of his wife and two year old child. Get your facts straight if you wanna be a successful writer darling.

    • That’s exactly what I was going. What kind of reporter doesn’t look up their information? Maltbie did you even look at the other videos? Did you know all of the bikers broke plenty of laws including reckless driving endangering of others, they ran about 16 red lights, 14 stop signs and did not slow down in 5 different school crossing zones. Please Ms. Maltbie look up your information next the bikers instigated the whole confrontation from the start not to mention their so called “family thing” wasn’t even registered and if you look at these videos you will see how many laws they break and a lot of them aren’t even on street legal vehicles. I am only 17 years but I clearly still have more logic then what your article portrays you to have, no one is right in this case but recklessness will bite you in the ass in the end. Please respond if you still feel the need to disagree, but I beg of you please research every little detail before you put your thoughts out there especially as a “journalists”.

  13. What the media leaves out is they were trying to stop the range rover after having clipped two bikers on 57th street and failing to stop to address the issue.

    • You realize how much worse that makes things sound? Biker vigilante justice for two miles? Intentionally brake checking the driver? Any sympathy the bikers would have had is fine now. Thanks. Scum bag savage!

    • Get the phuck out of here with that bs. Those bastards were wilding out, terrorizing motorist, running red lights, speeding in between cars on the freeway. I too bad more of them not laid up or better, laid down. The guy in the Range is the victim of NY gun laws because anywheres else and there would have been a bigger body count. And now his stupid ass wife who was one of the bikers want to have a fund raiser? Shit I’ll give money to the Range driver so he can sue the organizers of that bs.

  14. Is this story a joke? Did you watch the videO? You think Lien had an alternative to hitting the guy who cut him off, and you think that he had no right to flee from these savages? The biker got what he had coming to him.

  15. maybe you should re watch the video in slo mo , you scumbag reporter. cruz never was knocked from his bike, you dumb bitch. the range rover did stop. then Mieses got off his bike and JOINED IN THE ATTACK on lien. He got what he deserved, hope he gets jail when hes better. Please , watch the video BEFORE you put your drivel out on the web.

    • first of all the biker stopped, u can see his lights, second how would u know the range rover didnt stop and if he did stop MAD bike still behind him, Remember the video you just saw was the beginning of where the bikes were, there was at least 20-40 of them from what was reported soo if the first 5-10 in front how many bikers are driving behind him? common sense other bikers behind him and if he Ebreak im sure other bikers wouldve ran right into him and flew

  16. Child please! I would have acted the same way Lien did. He was totally justified in his actions.

    Don’t blame the media in this one. There is a video that the world has been able to view that shows the biker was in the wrong.

  17. Who were these bikers to interrupt road traffic on a highway? What made them KING OF THE HIGHWAY. They swarmed the guy. If it was my family I would have taken out every single motorcycle following me.Most bikers would have done the same thing if it was their family in danger .. I have friends in motorcycle clubs and they dont do stupid shit like that . I hope….

  18. As an aspiring 32 year old rapper, this incident has really promoted my career. My new rap moniker will be either MC Veggie, Perry Coma, Speed Bump or Lien Bwoy. I am now an honorary member of the crips.

    New album will be released as soon as I get this tube out of my throat. Keeping it REAL!!!!

  19. Your commentary below is pretty hypocritical… you would think in the investigation of the facts, and your supposed claim in regards to the observation of the ‘Journalists code’ that you would have noted that Lien (the driver) had/did call the police. In short, your article is guilty of the very thing you accuse the ‘media’ of doing… We can also note the lack of…investigation you did in regards to this UNSANCTIONED ‘family ride’. (Lets note the videos the rider with the camera attempted to remove…luckily not before other people downloaded them. Riding on the shoulder, excessive speeding. Or how about the mutiple reports from other drivers, reporting similar encounters and displays of aggression?). In short I believe we can safely asses your ‘article’ as an equally biased pile that lacks a similar amount of ‘research’ and facts as the media your reports you refer to.

    “I, myself, have a major in journalism and was taught about a journalist’s code of ethics which is or was thought to be as sacred as a knight’s code of honor. But this code has obviously been degraded, undermined and devalued to the point where it’s virtually worthless simply for the sake of page views.”

  20. “Even though Lien hit and severely injured a rider, even though he fled the scene of an accident, endangered his family and didn’t notify the cops of his situation like a coward (most likely because he knew he was also in the wrong), he will not be punished.”

    So, you’re claiming to write an unbiased article with a “journalists code of ethics which is or was thought to be as sacred as a knight’s code of honor”, yet you call Lien a “coward” and state multiple untrue “facts”.


    • Bitch it’s hard to call the police on a cell phone when your ass is trying to run from a bunch of cowards on motorcycles banging on your vehicle. Stupid phuck! Try again.

  21. Honestly that breaking Shit isnt funny ask thelast mofo that did it to me with 4 of his buddies. When I gave them the finger they surrounded My beamer… Their attitude quickly changed when i has My Glock on his jaw and My dudes jumped out and gave them 8 flats … Moral of the story I dont run and there would have been bodies not a chase …. Factsss

  22. It’s sad that the media we get our news and info bout what’s going in the world makes up their own fucked up bullshit stories bout the riders let look at the facts shall we one when u driving along bike rides not just one or two but hundreds u one don’t cut off anyone two u don’t hit them and sphight if your mad or not and three u don’t hit one if them and try to run hit and run is against the law if you do hit one pull over exchange paper work not worth u losing you life and making your family fatherless over your stupidness u run it shows u had the intent to kill and run people have to fucking realize something they don’t have doors a roof a seat belt to protect them so next time u see someone coming in your mirror dont cut them off let them pass
    Now just what if one of the bikers had a gun what if, see drivers have to be more careful u never know go u dealing with on the road

    • I see English is not your first language. I assume that you must be from a third world country that doesn’t have laws pertaining to vehicles. We have laws regarding licensing, vehicle registration, insurance, rules of the road, etc…, that these bikers felt exempt from. The bikers caused the accident and had absolutely no authority to try to stop the SUV. You are allowed to flee by any means necessary if your life is threatened. Clearly, the SUV driver’s life was threatened based on the incriminating evidence willfully posted by one of the bikers.

    • Can’t understand any of that you illiterate moron.
      Evidently, people who are with the bikers on this one aren’t particularly intelligent.

  23. Yea, watch the videos from the same ride, earlier in the day. That was a pack of animals, not respectful riders. No one involved made any good decisions, but those idiots give us riders a bad name.

  24. From all that I’ve read, it seems that the incident began after Lien had hit a rider (I assume accidentally) with his mirror. If you slow the video down, it seems that the driver’s side glass is indeed missing which COULD confirm this point. You can also see the biker pull up next to Lien and exchange words before he then proceeds to “brake check” him and gets tapped from behind.

    You can also see the rider punch the side of Lien’s truck before Lien takes off, running over the bikes.

    In my opinion this is all moot, as according the the FBI the bikers were riding dangerously in an attempt to stop traffic so they could have the highway to themselves. They already had bikes stationed along the highway onramps preventing cars from getting on the highway. (also seen on the video)

    As pointed out, these bikers don’t own the highway, and who are they to try and stop traffic for themselves. Let alone the West Side Highway on a weekend afternoon.

    As a rider myself, I always tend to avoid cars, get past them and on with my day. Clearly by the nature of this event, these guys were all over the place riding recklessly.

    Its sad that someone had to get paralyzed, but this clearly could have all been avoided if these guys used some common sense.

    • English rider
      So far you are he only one on here who seems to have watched the video clearly. I am not saying who is right or who is wrong, however something happened before the video started as if you watch the bikers where trying to stop the vehicle. I think I heard somewhere that he had already hit a couple of bikers and knocked them off but there injuries where minor (not sure how true this is). But if you look at the vid you see all the bikers are focused on his vehicle and when they stop him all the bikers stop. I have been on rides with a large group and never seen all the bikers stop just like that. They are usually being jerks (in a fun way) pulling wheelies or some other stunt. Just stating my opinion.

      • That might be you “opinion” bill, but before you post next time try pulling your head out of your but crack. What do you mean no one else watched the video?! And somehow you can figure out all that went on that day?!?!

  25. You’re just as bad as the media you’re calling out. Get your facts straight. First, your claim that “The ride was initially meant to be “a family thing” to celebrate the end of summer” is laughable. The riders were reckless and endangered everyone on the road around them. That’s why 15 riders, unrelated to this incident, were arrested and had their bikes impounded. The person who took the viral video tried to delete 7 videos that capture these antics prior to the incident so he wouldn’t turn popular opinion against the riders. Second, you make it sound as though the rider Lien collided with made a leisurly lane change when in fact the rider brake checked the SUV. Third, Lien pulled over at first to treat the collision like a fender bender but was surrounded and witnesses heard the bikers threatening him. He and his wife, unlike your account of things claimed, did dial 911 and what happened afterward was pack mentality brutality. Oh, let’s not forget there was a baby in the back seat. As for your thought that Lien should have backed off? Riders were passing on the left and right so where was he supposed to go? The little girl watched her father being dragged from the car, beaten and slashed in his face and chest with knives while someone was smashing her side of the car trying to get at her and her mother. So your claims that they’re just going to go on with their “little lives” are dim witted. And, you didn’t mention that Jay Meezee was out there riding with a suspended license. You’re just as guilty as those you accuse.

  26. If anyone thinks the poor bikers are the victims, you’re nuts! Even if the driver of the suv yelled bad things to them, that is in no way a reason for dozens of bikers to chase down and terrorize a small family including a small child. These morons on the bikes caused tremendous fear for the man as his 1st priority is to keep his wife and baby safe. Even if he called them assholes, they had NO RIGHT TO SMASH OUT HIS CAR WINDOW, PULL HIM OUT OF CAR AND BEAT HIM SENSELESS. And you know what, those bikers are all ASSHOLES!

    • Ya fuck those fag bikers, they are lucky it wasn’t me. I might have died but I promise you I’d have took dozens of those queers to the morgue , not just that one on the ventilator.

    • Truth, they smashed his windows and pulled him out the car AFTER he critically injured a human being and fled the scene of an accident.

  27. I love how you bash other reporters for pointing fingers, yet you do the same exact thing. I also like how you make it ok to resort to violence if someone calls you a bad name. GREAT ETHINCS there miss majored in journalism. The BIKERS put LIEN into that position and he had one way out, through the bikers. Please continue to write your ethical unbiased articles and tote your major in journalism.

  28. I love that you start off with “but things went awry when Alexian Lien, the driver of a black Range Rover, ended up in the mix.” Only then the ride went awry? Not the fact that it was not an organized event (city had zero involvement), they shut down roads as they saw fit, ran multiple red lights, drove on sidewalks, onto INCOMING traffic. Yeap, when Lien called them bad names and hurt the feelers of grown men, THAT’s when it went awry. Not when they decided to resort to violence? Please inform everyone on where you majored in journalism. I would LOVE to show your old professors this shit article.

    • Brilliant! Clearly she is friends with the gang and is setting herself up for failure. Another ghetto monster about to learn the hard way.

  29. This clearly started as a hate crime by that gang of faggot white punk bikers against an Asian couple. But none dare call it that because they aren’t BLACK.. I wish the car driver would have had the sense not to stop and let these mutants beat him. But at least he scored one by paralyzing for life one of those worthless cum belchers.

    • Aw damn…there is only one problem with your statement. If you look back through the other seven videos that are out there to be seen (even though the original poster tried to delete them), in particular the one showing the stop at the BP gas station, most of the riders are….black. Sorry to bust your bubble, but yeah…it’s still a hate crime, just not (as usual) committed by those white devil crackers you hate so much .

  30. This asshole could have stopped that rr it has some of the best calibers made for trucks he was a road rage asshole that needs to be beat down again he hit the rider and got scared and then hit three more bikes no matter what he was wrong he hit the biker and should jailed for hit and run I will be the one that will follow you if you run after you hit one of my brother bikers and the biker that hit his window was the biker that had to jump off his bike not to get hit he was mad and only two guys hit the truck everybody was tryin to stop his punk ass but stupid people want to be part of the crime hit and run speeding running red lights inproper lane change indangering the welfare of a child recklessdriving and attempt homocide with a motor vehicle he’s a danger to the public and should be jailed for 20 years or more

    • I’ll tell you what I’d do if you came after me Big (fag) Ty. Id either shut my SUV down in front of you, run over you and your queer scooter or cap you ass tough guy. I would really rather watch you on video get paralyzed like that Hollywood stuntz Nigga.

  31. The media has truly had a fieldday with this story mostly biased and written in favor of the driver. Its tragic what happened to Jay. Please pray for him and his family.

  32. Uhhh i ride a motorcycle, and anyone who feels in danger from motorcycles, while sitting in a car, a RANGE ROVER even is a dimwitted moron. Whats a biker going to do to you? run into you and kill himself? Short of pulling out weapons, this driver was in absolutely no danger. A biker isnt going to kill himself to damage your car….

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  34. “At 1:48 p.m., Edwin Mieses Jr., 32, of 478 Riverside Drive, Lawrence, was arrested on Haverhill Street and charged with operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, subsequent offense.”

    On top of everything else, this a-hole was driving without a valid license. He shouldn’t have even been on the road in the first place.

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  36. Wow, so now the gang hired a professional writer to sway what we saw. The video clearly shows an illegal stop of a gang forcing a family to pull over. There is no question that he should have reacted the way he did. Anyone would do the same. This re-wording changes nothing. It’s sad that anyone was injured but this revision does NOT chage the facts of the video.


  38. This writing is so biased you should be a politician. You would be great at spinning the truth til it fits.
    Everyone- just watch the video. That doesn’t lie. Put yourself in the RR with your baby in the back and tell me what you would do.
    Surround yourself with bikers and imagine what may happen when one moves in front of you and in 1 second is at your bumper. Might he have been looking to the right or left when that happen?

  39. While I don’t wish anyone to die. Clearly this wasn’t a ride to mark the end of the summer. Just get a hold of any of their other videos they had posted on youtube. They ride to menace and terrorize people with dangerous stunts. If one driver dared following the rules and didn’t obey to this gang mentality – they swarmed them. One vidoe shows a women who was going through a green light. The gang was busting through the red, surrounded her vehicle and started hammering it for going on green. Yeah, really tough guys. They were looking for trouble, and trouble they found.

  40. As someone who rides a motorcycle everyday in NYC, those guys who ride around in packs of 100 like that are reckless thug morons who deserved everything they got. They wanted a fight, but brought a knife to a gun fight. If they could have just resolved the issue like decent humans instead of intimidating the mans family than no one else would’ve gotten hurt. If I was driving that car and my family was inside I promise a lot more of those imbeciles would be in the hospital.

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  42. I ride my bicicle on the streets and know how drivers can be a-holes but I also saw the video.

    It was no accident, the motorcycle drastically reduced speed in front of the SUV!!! What for? What is the excuse?

    Why they believe they can force a vehicle to reduce speed. What if the SUV were rear-ended by another car and the child hurt or killed?

    Did the biker who provoked the accident think of that? Or he was more worried about how he would look on YouTube?

    It is sad to see Jay Meezee’s situation but I do not see the SUV af fault, actually bikers were lucky the guy did not have a gun as I see this as a clear stand your ground situation, in this case, protect your family.

    This kind of behavior makes my everyday ride more dangerous…

  43. The bottom line is, he felt unsafe and threatened. He had to think about the safety not only of himself but also that of his wife and child. If he’s in the wrong, well so be it and may justice show it’s ugly head. However, for anyone, especially a man and father to say he would take the risk that your wife and daughter be hurt by you getting out; well! Your full of shit.

  44. ” the resulting road rage was an instinctual response ” I have the instinctual response to say you are an idiot !!, In the video you can see clearly how the motorcycle brakes making a sudden stop in front of the suv. This bastard deserved what he got.

  45. This article is stupid. The mainstream media did not get this one wrong. It is all on video. You can clearly see that the motorcyclists are in the wrong and criminally so. That is why they are being charged. I agree 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but if the riders had been doing RIGHT in the first place this would have never happened. And when you are fearing for your safety, hell yeah you are going to plow through whatever is in front of you. Bikers are taught biker safety from the beginning and bikers should never get in a confrontation with a vehicle. They will ALWAYS lose. These types of bikers obviously chose to not be safe on the highway and now are paying for it. I feel sorry for the individual who was injured. I am also a rider, but I obviously drive a car as well, and have been on the road many a time when sport bikes are driving/riding like idiots and think they have the righ-of-way on the road. THEY DO NOT! PERIOD! END OF STORY! If you want to ride/drive like an idiot do it on the track. STAY OFF THE ROADS.

  46. clearly after the first few paragraph this journalist definitely sway toward the biker side, He did called the cops, and clearly on the video the biker was beside him then cut in front of him and break alittle while lien was maintaining speed. lien couldve break but the biker definitely did it on purpose to break more in front of him and he even look back. “a sign of yoo hit me please”. asking for trouble basically. Lien couldve Breaked hard when the biker in front of him breaked but this wouldve caused probably 3-6 bikers behind him to FLY outta there bikes which will cause the same thing but more ppl hurt. Before you write an article you have to look at both side by not being bias and clearly know both side of the story. Im a biker myself and Im not that stupid to cut in front of a SUV and break in front of him when clearly there no car or anything in front of me. Some ppl just gotta cheerish life and grow the fuck up and stop making trouble. be mature about it. I dont know what both side of the story was but lien can be wrong but in fact he could be right because he was scared and the only way to protect his family was to flee.

  47. Thank you for finally shedding light on this story the RIGHT WAY. The media’s one sided reporting is bothersome. They’re inconsistent new coverage is ridiculous and people become like robots and just agree with them without question. I do hope Lein’s victim find justice somehow.

  48. Take some Blame!!!! 100 and something against one. What would you do. Please STOP the insanity. Go drive down the center of traffic jams. You rice burner LOSERS

  49. Ive lost plenty of friends to autos hitting them while on thier bikes both motorcycle and bicycle and im all for hard handed prosecution of the drivers but in this particular case its pretty clear in the video that the injured biker pulled infront of the SUV and then slowed down rapidly while staring back at the driver in an obvious attempt to intimidate. He did something stupid and reckless in the name of being a tough guy and it resulted in a very bad outcome for him. i feel for the guy but can’t side with him just because he’s seriously hurt. and i cant say i blame the dude for running over their bikes and fleeing to get his family out of what he believed to be harms way. if theyd pulled over and one or two of them approached him with even remotely calm heads and tried exchange info id feel differently but they didnt do that. no, they instead boxed him in and surrounded him and ALL of them appraoched him yelling and behaving like a bunch of hot headed tough guys from what i saw. they were trying to itimidate this guy from the second the video starts so from where i sit he had a reasonble expectation that he and his family were in danger. I hate it when bullies lose and then cry victim.

    • Bart, they didn’t approach the vehicle after the initial rider was hit. Everyone is assuming that they approached the vehicle but if you look at the bikers, they are still on their bikes wondering what happened. There were only 3 people that knew that the Range Rover hit the biker (the biker, the driver and the camera man). The rest of the bikers were behind the incident and stopped behind the SUV as the SUV stopped. The only people that were in front of the SUV before he plowed through were the rider that was down and the person that went to his aid. There isn’t anything in the behavior of the bikers, at that time, that would indicate that they were intending to harm the driver. Which makes you wonder what was he afraid of? Maybe he thought “I just killed a guy on a motorcycle! Let me get outta here!” The bikers in no way, shape, or form should have bashed in his windows and assaulted him at the end of the melee. They should be held accountable for their actions just as the driver of the SUV should be. Neither party is innocent here. Plenty of blame to go around.

      • sorry but youre wrong. when they are all stopped i watched WITH MY OWN EYES as the bikers are clearly smashing his car with helmets BEFORE he speeds away. watch it the original UNEDITED video and watch it close. pay attention not to whats happening in fron but look at whats happening on the driver side of the SUV. right the bikers in front were not doing anything . but again it is clear as day that the bikers are attacking his vehicle BEFORE he speeds away.

      • watch whats happening on the the driver side at the 31 second mark and then tell me theyre not attacking his vehicle

  50. The media has been focusing mostly on Lien’s injuries as opposed to the injuries of Jay Meezee, the rider who was hit by Lien’s SUV. Meezee is currently in a medical induced coma and is paralyzed from the waist down. He’s fighting for his life in the hospital while the media has a feeding frenzy with the story surrounding his misfortune

    • His condition is attributable to the idiotic behavior of his pal, who brake checked an SUV on a highway and participated in the threatening behavior that led to the Rover driver’s decision to protect his family and flee.

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Simple as that.

      • Amen to that.

        What sort of an asshat would brake-check a car while riding a bike?!?!

        Uh, hello ‘I want to be run over’.


  51. The person that wrote this is an idiot. It’s easy to say that SUV driver should had done this and that after the facts but I can only imagine being in a situation where one is surrounded by a group of bikers with your wife and baby inside a car he panic. The bikers on the other hand wasn’t motivated by panic or fear, no instead by anger and with every attention to hurt someone. I haven’t heard once anything about the bikers calling the cops after the SUV drove off? Isn’t that correct thing to do after witness a crime? Or in your opinion should we grab a group of friends and go beat the hell out of a person and take the law into own hand instead? Yeah that isn’t cowardly?

  52. Lien is a prick, he was the one who started the road rage, sitting in a car and running over people is called MURDER.

  53. I don’t think you know much about the type of behavior that can be pulled on the roads, especially with large groups of “enthusiasts.” The first bike initially brake-checked the Rover, which is done as a obvious FU tactic. This individual is responsible for getting his friend hurt, since he incited justifiable fear in the Rover operator. I’ve been in this situation before with a bunch of Mustang homeboys (sorry, I was an import guy) and had the ability to back up, u-turn and find another way home. The RR did not – he was surrounded, and obviously (and rightly) more concerned with the well-being of his infant daughter and wife.

    How do people not understand that if you come close to hurting my wife, or my child, I am going to take swift action to do everything possible to put you down first? ESPECIALLY if you opened the door in the first place.

    Rachael, I think you might need to experience this situation from the RR operator’s point of view to understand. Do you have a partner? A child? Hell, a vehicle your proud of and don’t want to see smashed by street thugs? Then you might understand his panic and fight-or-flight mentality. This is not one-sided journalism – it is the media, for once, painting villains as villains and not apologizing for it. About time, if you ask me, though they have plenty more examples to choose from.

    • I live in Raleigh, and I see asshole riders like this more frequently than I’d like to. Always doing really stupid, dangerous shit in packs on shitty, stretched rat-bikes with little or no protective gear on.

      You gotta love the squidly bang-it-off the rev-limiter crap they pull as the blow through intersections.

      ‘Hollywood Stuntz’; what a fucking joke!

      If this had happened to me, more would have been run-over, beaten, shot, or more likely than not, a combination of all three.

  54. When you watch this…there is already tension going on that no one sees. Allyou see is a disrespectful biker swerve in front of the suv and abruptly stop. This is where the suv bumped into the bike…that is clearly the bikers fault. And then the chase goes on.with slashed tires too.
    Oh yea…I’m a biker of more than 30 years riding experience.
    Yes. Its a shame ALL this happened , BUT you need to go back an rewatch it and rewrite your opinion.

  55. Sounds like Jay got what he deserved, he put Alex and his family in danger by trying to stop him on the highway. If it were a true case of road rage they could’ve followed Alex and called the police, but no they were trying to intimidate and potentially hurt Alex. It is clear because they ended up doing just that.

  56. And is no one going to address the unbelievably ugly “model” on this site? That bad purple wig, big nose and squinty eyes.. Ugh.

  57. 2 words Reginold Denney, what makes you think the suv driver wasn’t scared for his life the first time the bike thugs surrounded his suv? Try that in Texas and see what happens.

  58. Whichever University issues you a degree, needs to revoke it immediately, burn it, the shove the charred remains up your ass. The witnesses (ie the bikers) gave testimony supporting the fact that they slashed the tires of the vehicle after the initial impact- which was intentionally caused by the biker brake checking lien.

  59. The way I see it, the man in the SUV was standing is grounds for whatever reason in the center lane. Most probably the SUV interfered with the bikers, cut them off or verbal / gesture. Why did he choose to drive so close to the bike, when the biker was “brake checking” him, we will never know. If the driver of the SUV was not so pigheaded, to compete for the road, and move to the right hand side of the road which was unoccupied. It would of probably take 5 minutes for the bike to clear, and it was done.
    I do think that some of the bikers acted very inappropriately, all they had to do was to follow the SUV until the cops could of take over.

  60. I just LOVE that on the facebook page and on this article that makes excuses for this loser a massive majority are on the side of the SUV driver. The facebook page his mom, or wife or someone put us is just 99% hating on that tool. Anyone making excuses for “Jay Meezee” is a loser as well.

  61. if you think all bikers should be run over and killed because the media blew it up to look like it was there fault you should eat shit and kill yourself

  62. The only sympathathizers with the bikers are groupy chicks and bikers who I guess drive like this and think its okay. By admission of their own videos, these guys run through red lights, drive downthe wrong way on streets, play cars super close on highways. Its amazing more of them don’t get plastered everywhere. I can drive with mac trucks around me no problem on the highway. The motorcycle are the only vehicles that make me nervous, they come zooming out of now where, weave around no signaling, they cut off cars like if they are the invinsible and they play cars way too close.

    • I take particular issue with your comments.

      I personally sympathise with every biker there, except the ones causing damage to the car & beating the driver. I also sympathise with everyone in the car – except the driver for being an idiot & trying to flee the scene of an accident.

      I’m a biker – you’re right on that point, but I’m also qualified as an advanced rider & driver (of multiple categories of licence). I’ve also posted many videos online.

      That said, I DON’T condone running red lights, driving/riding the wrong way down one way streets or being too close to other vehicles. Funnily enough, doing the latter tends to hurt a lot – when a bike is hit, the rider hits tarmac HARD. When a car is hit, it gets taken to the shop for a little panel beating.

      Motorcyclists come “zooming out of no-where” is a classic argument banded about by car drivers that don’t check their mirrors as often as they should. If you’ve not spotted a bike (or any other vehicle) weaving around, then I’m not sure how you know they didn’t signal first? As for bikes cutting off cars, well, see my previous paragraph – that’s just risking a head – tarmac interface that won’t end well for the rider.

      Believe it or not, the vast majority of bikers understand that ANY collision means they’ll be tasting hospital food for a while, and most of us don’t like doing that.

      Now a little anecdote from my history… I had an hour long commute home, which I did regularly. On one particular day I counted seven different car drivers that not only clearly didn’t see me (because they didn’t bother to look), but also virtually tried to kill me – for each one I had to take extreme action to avoid a collision. When I got home that day, I dealt with the kids etc & put them to bed, and then when I sat down for the evening I had a good long think – I was considering hanging up my helmet & keys because riding a bike was seriously f*cking dangerous.

      Instead, I bought a new set of horns for my bike. Two tone (which are illegal here in the UK) and the entire system I fitted was rated at 146dBA at ~ 2m (for reference, a jet engine at takeoff is supposedly approx 120 dBA at ~ 2m). My bike sounded like a mac truck’s horn, only a lot louder. Every time I’ve come across a driver not paying attention, I’m no longer scared by them, I usually almost wet myself laughing as they have the “Oh sh*t, how didn’t I see that truck? Wait, where is that tru…wtf? It’s a bike?!?” reaction.

      There’s two sides to every story – please don’t generalise about us bikers, or we’ll just assume you’re another car driver either falling asleep behind the wheel or too busy putting your makeup on while texting your friends.

      Just as a parting thought… if you have a collision at 30mph, your car gets dented, maybe written off if you’re unlucky. You’ll probably get a little whiplash. If I have a collision at 30mph & I’m not wearing full protective kit, I’m going to loose 1 square inch of skin (down to the bone!) for every meter that I slide along the floor – and last time I checked, I’m not fitted with brakes like the bike is, so I’m going to slide for a bloody long way. There’s a reason I will do everything I can to avoid your car!

  63. You start this article well, and balanced, but then go on to state comprehensively that “nothing will happen to the driver – he’ll receive no punishment” – ergo, you’re just as guilty of “ignorant reporting” than those journalists you accuse of the same thing.

    Now, I don’t know *ANY* facts of the case, but I am a biker. On large rides (75+ around single lane roads in rural areas & small towns), we can easily consume the whole road stretching for many miles. Larger rideouts (thousands of riders) easily consume the majority of all access routes for major cities – we’ve had a handful of these in the UK. The fact that this group consumed the whole highway is irrespective – other than it may have perhaps frustrated other drivers – especially if they were changing lanes etc as you’ve indicated. That in itself could well be a contributing factor, legally.

    Next, the driver hits a bike – the facts of this act need to be established, not presumed. It’s entirely likely that the driver was distracted by family in the car for a split second, and a bike (or group of) has hit the brakes, driver hasn’t noticed, and he’s rear ended them. Simple enough accident, and is vastly more probable than the driver acting with any malice.

    Next, the bikers apparently approach the car, which is natural, since their downed friends are on the floor in front of the car. A large group of bikers is an intimidating experience for most people, more so if they don’t know many bikers well. So it’s highly likely that the driver panicked.

    However, the driver then actively decided to flee the scene – something which in itself is an offence. In doing so, the driver actively chose to damage property & cause injury. If there is no legal response from law enforcement or the injured parties, then there’s something seriously flawed with US law.

    Next, the bikers pursue, in a large group – again, a natural reaction to someone leaving the scene of an accident, stop them! However, that’s unfortunate if the driver is already panicking. I sincerely doubt that any of the pursuing riders are qualified for pursuit riding, and those actions will be deemed legally as being “evidence of malicious intent”.

    Eventually the car is stopped somehow, and damage happens to the car, as well as the driver being beaten. Again, criminal actions, but this time with prior malicious intent well established.

    All parties involved (save those that were injured) will probably face legal action – though the bikers will fair worse – especially the one(s) handing out the beating in front of the drivers child. By all means, detain, but don’t beat the guy. In those few minutes they’ve caused every biker around the world many, many years of explaining to everyone that we’re not all a bunch of hells angels hooligans… Thanks guys. Job well done. :-(

  64. I am not going to take sides here, but I have to agree with the road rage of Lien and some of the points you made here. I am also a rider, and at the same time I also get angry when seeing biker gangs do crap like this. Stopping traffic on the freeway so they can do their little stunts(in my area). The riders are the people giving themselves a bad name. If they respect the law then the law will not label them.

  65. Rachael Maltbie thank you much for shedding light on how the media controls public opinion.i was there sunday and saw the biker on the floor laying hear the nypd and media report no one but the driver was hurt was wrong.ihave seen people all over new york speak bad about ALL bikers the last few days because of the media accounts.but if the truth is that the drive of the range rover was playing a game of chicken with the bikers in fact endangering the welfare of HIS own family i hope that all the people that jumped to conclusions have the respect of apologizing for there threats to run over innocent people.

    • “Apologize”?


      I’d have run over all of these asshats had they done that to me.

      Chrome-dome would have had his head blown off as well after smashing my window in with his $3 helmet.

  66. And what’s your source of the “witness” that says instigated the fight by hurling obscenities…. was it one of the riders in the pack that had been terrorizing the street all day??? (see the other 8 videos prior to the range rover incident)
    Thats a pretty bad source……

  67. Kudos to Rachael Maltbie for this article. I am a rider and viewed not only this video but 15+ other videos posted by the same guy who had the helmet cam on youtube.

    These riders clearly were out of control. Eating Red Lights, Jumping sidewalks, popping wheelies and the list goes on, yet, there is a video before this famous one which no one is talking about and it clearly shows the biker who slowed down WAS harassing the RR on the driverside, then pulls in front of the RR lets off the gas as if he was trying to make the RR slow down and got clipped. From my point of view the biker was wrong from the get. The RR driver, did what I believe anyone who has fear would do fight or flight. If it was me, all those bikers would had got ran over, and I am a rider.

    Going back to when he clipped him, it clearly shows he STOP, got surrounded by what 7-8 bikers clearly outnumbered and if you look clearly got punched in the face right before taking off. The RR driver was NOT looking who was in from because he was look and talking to the person standing on the driverside window. What would you have done?

    He might have been in NY but it clearly shows the RR did not know his way around the streets, NEVER take that exit unless you WANT to get stuck in traffic.

    Enough with this story what was done is done how society handles this is a totally different story. (Dont expect much)

  68. This guy wasn’t trying to help some guy who got in an accident. The motorcyclist intentionally caused the accident. If these bikers all just rode their bikes and didn’t mess with the Range Rover this guy would be ok. I don’t care if Lien did hurl insults at them they should have just gone about their business. The bikers caused this whole thing and they are wholly to blame. I don’t feel sorry one bit for this guy. He wanted to be a bully and rode with bullies and got run over. To bad for him. I would have done the same thing the Range Rover driver did.

  69. You should toss your gumball machine journalism degree in the trash along with the wretched transvestite you use for a model. The guy brake checked the Rover and caused him to have contact with his bike, if you look at other videos that were posted by these idiots they were riding like thugs with reckless abandon all over NYC. Most of their bikes were probably stolen. In the video half of them don’t even have license plates, or are ATVs, quads and dirtbikes that are not street legal. There are laws they need to abide by to ride on our roads and laws against menacing and assault which they were clearly involved in. Also they laid their bikes down on the road to block the driver so he couldn’t leave. (They probably didn’t own them because anyone who actually owns a bike would use a kickstand, hence stolen). His only choice was fight or flight, he chose flight, because he had his wife and small child to worry about. The bikers are lucky that when they were giving chase that the rover driver didn’t try to take as many of them out as he could by weaving and slamming on the brakes. Once one went down at high speed others would easily follow like dominoes. His biggest mistake was not heading for the GW bridge tolls where the bikers could have been trapped on the bridge. Watch this video and tell me they had any regard for anyones safety. Blatant disregard for traffic signals, riding against traffic, riding on sidewalks, doing wheelies recklessly on public streets, off road vehicles ridden on the street. Squids and maggots, fucking urban terrorists they deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest. Its too bad only a couple of bikers got hurt and not made into road pizza. Its truly horrible that that the Rover drivers family had to watch him get attacked, he was horribly beaten and face slashed.

  70. Not sure how bikers are in Cali,but in NY they are reckless. They drive all over the highways. There are no special laws for them. So if they want to be taken seriously act accordingly. You don’t go out looking for mayhem and then when it finds you you want the world to worry about it. Give me a break about he may never work again. You carry yourself like a houligan, you will be treated like one. I didn’t see the SUV back up. I saw it continue to move ahead. Move the injured individual out the way if that’s the case and tend to him. He was a part of a pact. A pact mentality is never ever good. If they don’t want issue with drivers on the rode then they need to learn to respect drivers on the road. I have no issue with Harleys where I live. They respect the road and the drivers. These want to be thugs are a joke. They need to grown up and stop acting like kids.

  71. The motor cycle drive stopped short in front of the truck ON PURPOSE! Too many people are just riding these bikes and NOT being safe themselves. Nothing about that video displays “peaceful bikers” who were victims. The media is portraying them correctly. Stupid thugs and it’s sad that one is hurt bad…… The arrogance and ignorance to THiNK they could compete with a vehicle and worse that a driver is obligated to “respect” an entourage of bikers on the Parkway. T

  72. Some of the comments make me sick. I ride in groups and see this shit first hand. When there are a lot of cars on the road people consider it traffic. When there are a lot of motorcycles on the road people get furious and agressive. We have just as much right to the road as you. Us using the road is no reason to start road raging against us and definitely not to hit us with you car and then run us over. That dude is lucky that is all the beating that he got. Saying that he was scared is not an excuse. If he was scared then it was probably because he knew that he was doing stuff that he should not have been doing. It does not justify running people over with his car.

    • Um, you riding on the road like a bunch of squids & douche-nozzles is certainly reason for people to get ‘furious and aggressive’ against you. Like I said before, these tools were lucky more weren’t run over like the cockroaches they are or someone other than Lien wasn’t in the car to deal with chrome-dome & the other buffoon punching the rear window. They were extremely lucky they weren’t shot.

      • You are fucking retarded. How does a somewhat sane person even begin to justify running people over with a fucking car. You are a joke. There is no way. Go slap yourself for condoning murder.

  73. If you really do hold a qualification in journalism, you’d know you DO NOT publish images of people in a coma.

    I find it very odd that you don’t dismiss the Times report from a “witness” with the same disdain you have for the Post. Given that the SUV was surrounded by bikes at the time, one has to assume the “witness” was a fellow motorcycle rider.

    Perhaps you saw a different video than I did. The helmet cam clearly shows the group of bikers approaching the SUV (which is in the middle lane) from behind. The SUV is, again very clearly, moving at a much slower pace than the bikes, from which we can infer it was not trying to escape/evade/interact with the bikes at all. The windows are up, indicating that no verbal communication has occurred (the bikes were BEHIND this slow moving vehicle up until the start of the video). What we DO see is a bike moving in the middle lane from the left, dangerously close to the SUV. This is a classic “get out of the middle lane you slow moving vehicle” tactic. The bike then brakes for no reason that can be seen on the video (the rider looks back at the SUV to check distance before making this maneuver). The SUV hits the bike. At this point, any traffic cop witnessing the accident would cite the biker for reckless endangerment and would probably testify on behalf of the SUV driver if called to do so.

    Subsequent actions as seen on the video would lend credence to a “self defense” claim wherein the SUV driver is surrounded by an angry mob, fearing for his life and that of his family.

    May I remind you that a journalist calls on the facts, and eschews emotive reporting. I assume your claim that “Lien panicked and hit the gas pedal” is backed up by either evidence or a sworn affidavit? If not, I assume you already know that a false statement of fact by a journalist is not protected under the First Amendment and could therefore cause you to become liable to a suit if the SUV driver asserts a claim that he did not panic, and further chooses to pursue you for damages.



    Dayana Mejia, I am happy that your husband, Edwin Mieses, will be paralyzed for the rest of his life. May your family be tortured forever with the memories of his very last motorcycle ride. Your husband had a choice… To ride with Hollywood Stuntz and cause trouble or go for a nice ride and not cause any trouble. Unfortunately, your now gimp, useless husband chose the former.

    Your mother in law, Yolanda Santiago, should spend the rest of her short life not weeping over her son, but over the years she wasted raising a horrible loser pitbull of a son.

    May God spare you and your family no mercy.

    These thugs and criminals families always try to paint them as a upstanding citizen or good samaritan, what a crock of shit!

    NO SYMPATHY for Edwin Mieses AKA Jay Meezee the *aspiring rapper* with 13 years of driving on a suspended license and hundreds of tickets til they suspended his license until 2017–NO RESPECT FOR THE LAW. and then, guess what, the UNIVERSE DOESN’T RESPECT YOU..

  75. Okay, the one who posted the link stating they’ll just leave it here. I wanna comment on the very FIRST video helmet cam. What freakin dumbass drives in oncoming traffic to pass someone. First mistake. Second mistake is that just because a large group of bikers are by you gives you NO right to run them over. Park and make sure they are okay apologize and make sure he’s not seriously hurt. Then ask if they want a police report written. Third mistake, fleeing an accident does mean you’re at fault. If you are not willing to stand up an say yeah I clipped his tire. However it happened doesn’t matter be a responsible adult and handle the situation right. Ive learned in my years of driving why bikers drive recklessly. They do it so cars pay attention to them. I’m in st louis. There is a group called the street fighterz they are absolutely stupid when they ride but when they surround me on the highway and get in front of me I slow down. I’m assuming (because this is what they’ve done here) the biker slowed down to tell him to slow down. Obviously they were going to do something. If you are aware of your surroundings then you should expect them to be doing something dangerous. Give them space. This is a perfect example of two people (and the rest of the group) who have lost too many brain cells and didn’t respect fellow drivers. Now. How many people want to tell me I’m wrong? They both were horribly at fault for the way this situation was handled.

    • You are an idiot.

      Why should the driver have apologized? He was brake checked for Christ sake!

      I’ve been riding for over 30 years including roadracng successfully for 5. Bikers do not ‘drive recklessly so cars pay attention to them’. That is arguably one of the dumbest things I’ve heard.

      These asshats got what they deserved. I just wish chrome-dome got shot or beat down with a tire iron at the end.

  76. If the driver of the SUV felt endangered, where is the report from him or his wife calling 911 during the 5+ minutes that it happened in?

    • FROM FOX 5 NYC: Alexian Lien, initially called 911 on Sunday afternoon to report that bikers were driving erratically on the West Side Highway. Police say Lien sped off after allegedly accidentally hitting one biker, who had moved in front of his SUV and then slowed. After the impact, as other bikers were chasing the SUV, Lien made several more 911 calls, an official said. Investigators say Lien told them he feared for his life when bikers surrounded his vehicle, pounding on it and slashing his tires. He stepped on the gas and hit three more bikers, injuring one of them — Edwin Mieses — critically.

      The NYPD received more than 200 calls to 911 about this large group of bikers riding recklessly on sidewalks and generally terrorizing the public.

  77. well im on both sides here. I ride streetbikes for the last 11 yrs so im not just some cage driver chimmin in. been in huge groups, small groups, solo, track, crashes, all the above. anyhow just goin off the vid, the initial accident is definitley on the biker. he swerved in front of the RR and braked, duh what you think is gonna happen, bikes stop 3x as fast as cars do. so he called for that. now i dunno if they are hitting his car or not after that, cuz you cant see it in the vid, but at least 20 dudes surround that car and are probably yelling all kinds of shit. Lien had his wife and 2 yr old kid in the car. now i got 2 lil ones myself and if 20 dudes on bikes, shoes, or riding damn razor scooters surround my car with my family, plain and simple the protection of my fam comes first, im getting the eff outta there. they start chasin and to me its do or die time. they were basically huntin down him and his family. i can almost guarantee that anyone in that bike crew would do the same for their own wife and kids. now the beatdown thats all aftermath shit. personally i would have rode the sidewalk to stay away from those guys. Now the most unfortunate part is the Jay kid who is possibly paralyzed. that just sucks and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time helpin his homie that really was the cause of all this shit. No us bikers are not bad malicious people at all, most of us are regular family folks, you like cars, golf, shopping, checkers, whatever, we like bikes. in the end that Lien guy was protectin his family and Jay was on the shit end of the stick and i pray for him and his family and hope for a full recovery.

    NO way this dirtbag is any kind of taxpaying citizen….

    Though Mieses is a Massachusetts resident, he has never had a valid Massachusetts driver’s license for a passenger vehicle and has never applied for a motorcycle license, the Registry of Motor Vehicles said.
    Registry records show that Mieses applied for a learner’s permit in 1999 and 2000, but that he never obtained a full license because he failed to pay fines imposed after he was ticketed for speeding in Lawrence in 1999. His last contact with the Registry was in 2001, when he obtained an identification card, registry records show. Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records.
    In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.

    To his family trying to win the ghetto lottery with their son’s tragedy…
    In his rap video he brags about making a lot of money selling coke. Why would he need donations?

    I feel bad for his kids, because kids hate Vegetables.

  79. That story is all wrong. When dumbass cut infront with only 2 feet between them then brakechecks him gets hit goes down. Range stops to do the right thing and every else swarms range slashes tires breaks pass window that’s when he guns it and gets out of there he nevr aimednyone he wg to protect his family, the actions of the other riders are the reason others are in hospital, this isn’t second hand info

  80. I don’t see why he says he won’t walk again, I think the important thing is that he won’t ride again. Maybe if he recovers he can rap to kids about how to behave when on a motorcycle and to not make the same mistakes he did. Weazey Meezee never had a drivers license or a motorcycle license and had 17 tickets/traffic offenses. He rapped about motorcycle gang violence. THIS WAS GANG ACTIVITY!!!! He participated in the violence against a couple on their first anniversary with their 2yo daughter in the back seat. The Range Rover driver FEARED for his life, his wife’s life, and most importantly his daughter’s life. The gang, including Weazey Meeze, forced the SUV to stop on a highway, so I too would have feared for my life, but I would have shot the POS and then run him over. I am so glad that this thug will never be able to ride a motorcycle again so he will never intentionally or unintentionally endanger other drivers and pedestrians. PS, I hope his wheelchair isn’t motorized and I hope his idiotic wife leaves him for a guy who can get-it-up.

  81. Here’s your truth.
    Jay Meezee associated with idiots. Reckless idiots. To ask the internet population to believe that he acted that day in a fully responsible manner when dozens of others, including the guy next to him who initiated the whole thing intentionally, did not, is asking for an exercise in suspension in disbelief equivalent to believing flesh eating undead zombies are real or the sky is candy-striped.

    He associated with what once might have been referred to as “the wrong crowd”.

    What the hell do you think a guy with his wife and kid in the vehicle are going to do when surrounded by a dozen or more aggressive people? He will either fight or flee. This guy chose flee. Your boy got in his way. And got crushed.

    Is it sad? Yes. Did he deserve to get crushed like a bug?


    That’s one of the possible outcomes when you get in front of a vehicle who’s occupant your associates are attempting successfully to terrorize. He fights or flees. Your boy exercised a series of bad judgements, did not act responsibly in his own self interest or even that of his fellow man, and he’s now reaping the consequences of that action. And sadly so are you, his family.

    Frankly, if you’re all so full of Christian love, I fail to see why your family has not spoken out vocally and publicly against the people like your Jay who started this whole debacle. Because the driver of that SUV is every bit as much a victim.

    Consider this….oh….consider this much like a gang beating, mob action, say, 20 guys beating one guy down and the one guy, he manages to greiviously injure one of his attackers. Because that’s what this is. A mob of ricer bikers ganging up on a guy in a cage and he seeks to get out of the situation.

    What, he was supposed to sit there? Put it in park and shut down the SUV while they advance on him? With HIS family in the car? I don’t think so. Your Jay is seriously messed up. You should simply be happy he’s still alive, but don’t paint him as some sort of hero. He’s not a hero, he helped to create the conditions that put him in that hospital bed. He’s culpable for his own injuries, as are many others.

    You play with fire, you get burned.

  82. Edwin E. Mieses, 26, of 17 Bernard Ave., Nov. 28, charged with operating a motor vehicle after license was revoked, illegal possession of a Class D narcotic, operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment and on five outstanding warrants;
    Arrested Again in May, Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records.
    In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.

    Will his family sue the Leins? Of course they will. They already mentioned that the Lien’s have money. If they didn’t want some of it, why would they even mention it? And we know they need money because that irresponsible Jay Meezee drove without a license so I’ll assume he doesn’t have car insurance and i believe his family stated that he doesn’t have medical insurance either. What kind of father would put himself in an illegal, dangerous unsanctioned event?? 1) he could go to jail for driving w/o a DL, kids lose him 2) get hurt and can’t afford to feed his kids or 3) Die, all because he wants to do wheelie and ran red lights… Father of the year if you ask me.

  83. As a trucker that would deliver in north jersey and New York I am familiar with these gangs. I can hopefully clarify a few things. First the initial “accident” is part of a game they play. They ride in a huge group and will operate together to slow down traffic. Next they pick out high end vehicles targeting people with families in them, the targets will usually be white or Asian. Then one of the riders will do a ” brake check” and stop suddenly in front of the target vehicle causing a minor bump. In some cases they will just roll back into their target vehicle . They will then mob the vehicle demanding money and or begin attacking the person inside. It is their practice to also slash the tires to prevent the vehicle from escaping. Truckers are well aware of them and are advised not to stop.

  84. Not justifying any actions on either part..but facts are facts and in life “actions leads to consequences” I will copy and paste an article that will put light on all if this and you will understand what I mean by “actions lead to consequences”

    It won’t let me paste the article but it states..that over 200 calls were placed by citizens that day complaining of this biker group causing trouble in the streets of NY that same day. Apparently this is an event they did last year and it was do disruptive that they even terrorized pedestrians by ridding on side walks as they rode into Time Square. This NYPD set up barricades and check points to prevent these bikers from entering the city and reaching time square. During these checks points. They arrested 15 bikers, 68 summons handed out and 55 illegal bikes impounded.

    Don’t know about you but if this group of bikers were just out for a Sunday ride there wouldn’t have been over 200 call placed to police to complain about there road behavior and NYPD wouldn’t have set up these barricades and road side check points.

    Sorry to say but they looked for it and history proves they were up to no good that day.

  85. Range Rover should use this video in an advertising campaign, hell I might purchase one for my next auto!!

  86. My good friend is a rider, who died in an accident with a truck. So, I sympathize. But, that video makes the bikers look at fault. You come at me like that, and I do the same.

  87. I have to say I’m very disturbed by the racist stereotypical way the media is portraying this entire incident. They are not looking at who the real victims of this incident. The bikers, what did they really do wrong? 1st of all you don’t see the events that even lead up to where this video begins. Obviously if you watch the video the biker rolls up to the side of the SUV and is yelling at the driver obviously for a reason. The reason being many of things possibly like cutting off the biker, nearly hitting the biker, to busy talking on his cell phone, texting, being distracted by his child in the vehicle, simply not paying attention, or simply being intimidated by the amount of bikes surrounding him for whatever stereotypical reason. Hey welcome to New York Traffic if you can’t handle the heat stay off the road fucking idiot!!!!!!! I’m also talking from 1st personal experience as a biker, the road is full of morons like the driver in the SUV and since many of you are driver I’m sure you have come across a bunch of them. So does this give this guy the right to strike us with his car? We are doing nothing illegal riding in a group, we have a constitutional right to assemble!!!! Just because this moron doesn’t know how to drive and after he rear ends somebody, it is his responsibility to stop. Is it our fault that he stereotype’s bikers as a menace to society or something like that. So what gives him the right to not only hit a biker but to also run over innocent bikers that come to his aid. The driver of the SUIV in my eyes as a logical person is the true criminal lets list his crimes as being an irresponsible operator of a motor vehicle, striking another vehicle he shares the road with, not only fleeing the scene of an accident which is a felony in California, but also running over innocent bystanders and another biker that comes to the aid of a fellow rider which is also a father of 2 which he leaves in a coma and paralyzed by his actions. After the scene of the accident never calls police, or goes to the nearest police station if he feels threatened by the mob of bikers that are following him after he leaves the scene of an accident and isn’t taking responsibility for his actions. You better be dame right if it was one of my fellow bikers, which by the way I ride with my sister which rides her own bike, my brother, my nephew, my brother in law and other members of my family, also not mentioning that my significant other rides on the back of my bike with me, plus I also ride with a bunch of my friends that are as close to me as family, Believe me if somebody did anything to harm them while on the road and fleeing the scene of the accident or did anything like this idiot they are going to have more coming to them then what the driver of the SUV got.
    The media and the public are so stereo typical it’s disgusting and the reason some of this stuff isn’t even news worthy the way they report it. Completely biased and sensationalized one sided just so they can get some air time. The driver of the SUV lost control because he was scared due to prejudice and because he was scared for his family. I ride with my family so does that give me the right to kill u or attempt to kill you. I think not. Just because these guys were young n not so young the guy that is in the hospital is in his the same age as the driver has a family of his own as well and just because you portray bikers as thugs maybe you should stop watching so much Gangland and Sons of Anarchy you fucking idiots. Also the City of New York Police and their DA are idiots for charging the wrong people. It just goes to show you how racist our system still is, just because they are young, Black, Latino, Puerto Rican, or whatever I guess it makes it alright for a 33 year old banker with his family in his Range Rover to run over a group of bikers out for a ride because he is prejudice or intimidated.
    . I can’t believe my fellow bikers aren’t pissed off about this but most people just feed into what the media gives us and takes it as fact pretty disturbing!!!!!!!!

  88. Pingback: Biker gangs pose a threat | gracemade blog

  89. I watched the video in HD at 720p and here is what the original video shows when you play it frame by frame. The biker that brake checked (you see his brake light on right before the contact) got bumped at the beginning did not go down and was not hurt at all at that point…. In original video, bump happens at :26… At :29 brake-checker is still on his bike and is stopping, SUV is also completely stopping… At :37 Mieses gets off his bike and walks in front of SUV… At :40 brake-checker has already walked up and is yanking hard on driver door… At :47 brake-checker is still at the door and another biker in white longsleeve t-shirt and black helmet lunges at right front tire area, and you hear a loud pssssshhh sound (the sound of air rushing out of a knifed tire) and the driver takes off at the same time…. At the 3 minute mark, you can see the remains of the tire fly off after driving on a flat. If you look at the passenger side pictures from the very end where he is pulled out of his SUV and beaten… you see a bare rim on the front right, no tire at all…. It’s obvious the thugs knifed his right front tire at the very beginning… 98% of civil society agrees that this is plenty of reason to fear for your safety and your family’s safety and do whatever you can to get the hell out of there.

  90. The bikers call themselves “Hollywood Stuntz,” who the NYPD have now deemed as the motorcycle gang accused of intimidating and assaulting a member of the public. Though there is some debate on considering this group a “gang,” the National Institute of Justice provides a federal definition of gang that accurately depicts the actions and practices of Hollywood Stuntz:

    1 Association of 3+ individuals
    2 Members collectively identify themselves by adopting a group identity, which they use to create an atmosphere of fear or intimidation, frequently by employing one of more the the following: common name, slogan, identifying sign, symbol, tattoo, style of clothing
    3 Purpose is, in part, to engage in criminal activity using violence or intimidation to further its criminal objectives
    4 Members engage in criminal activity or acts of juvenile delinquency with the intent to enhance or preserve the association’s power, reputation or economic resources
    5 Members employ rules for joining or operating within the organization, meet on recurring basis, provide physical protection of its members from others, exercise control over a particular geographic location or region, and/or have an identifiable structure.

    I guess you can consider them a gang huh?

    • Gang is such a generic word, but apparently these guys had no affiliation with Hollywood Stuntz which means they were a random group of riders out on the streets that day. They may not have even known each other that well.

  91. I hope that Edwin Mieses lives so he can spend the rest of his life knowing his paralysis is a result of his own evil actions.

  92. Anybody that doesn’t agree with me can suck my left testicle gently. One guy called me and anyone else that rides cockroaches. You sir are the cockroach. People in cars treat riders like this. If you think that you are better than anyone you can suck my right testicle to. In the group that I ride with there are doctors, lawyers, and even police officers. People in cars think of us as cockroaches tho. As a matter of fact you may suck both testicles if you are lucky.

    • That is the reason that people get the beat down. If you start shit with my friends and I as we are riding, then hit one of my friends due to acting stupid……. then run my friends over……… then you get a guaranteed beat down

  93. Well written, but a bit presumptuous with no facts on some issues. Point, you say the people who wrote the article did so with presumptive reporting and no facts. You did the exact same thing. You said Lien would most likely continue in life taking out his resentment on other bikers. You also say he should have called police instead of being a coward. His wife called at least four times with the 911 recordings on the news. A coward, really? Let’s assume, for sake of discussion, that the SUV driver started it. Once being confronted he realizes he is in over his head. He then goes into protect mode for his wife and child. That is not cowardice, that’s being a protector for your family. I’ve been in a situation where my wife and daughter were being assaulted. I beat the snot out of the the bastard and final stopped when the police arrived. They let me go.

    Oh, by the way, I ride too.

    • Keep in mind I based my editorial (opinion based) on what I read in the news, which is exactly my point. Readers come to conclusion based on what the media says. I posted another blog about facts I learned after the fact. Thank you for visit though.

  94. THis all started because one of the bikers brake-checked the driver of the SUV, who was already surrounded by bikes, leaving nowhere else for him to go.

    and this group was out for well over an hour before, riding like jerks. I’m not saying anyone deserves injury at any time, but riding like this does nothing to help anyone’s cause.

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